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Memorial Remembrances, 



and Thankful Days in the Life.....

Thank you to ALL of the people in all of the generations, our history, cultures, and our families and fur children and the many living beings upon our earth.

Some I think we have not yet discovered or noticed. 

I have been convinced that the Megalodon Great White sharks are still in existence, 

for many decades I know there are lurking megalodon sea creatures in the waters we do not know about. 

They make movies about it. 

So, just like I predicted the Cubs will win the world series in our lifetimes....  

and nobody believed me and a few called me names, 

before they won a few years ago and that will occur again by the way....


I think we are on the threshold of change. And funding truth and answers and knowledge that's been right in front of us all along. 

I know we will see more shifting and changes...




Answers and new perspectives unfolding on front of us, as we awaken more and yes find some compassion for each other as well as find that the world holds many beautiful and sacred truths and probably notice some beings and creatures to coexist with in higher consciousness. 

Even Megalodons.

You know the Bigfoot and other possible mythical beings like.... star beings might just be from a slightly different dimension.


You know that's interesting to me. 

What if, that is what Gene Roddenberry that was sci-fi genius and write star trekwas channeling and experiencing? 

Simply a slightly higher dimension.

Perspective Changes. 


Thank you, 

to those who have paved the way to a better earth and a better understanding and a better life for us and our children and grandchildren and the generations before and ahead of us. 

Thank you on this Memorial Weekend! 

I had a cathartic experience on mothers day as I deeply was celebrating mothers and daughters especially. 

I did 4 youtubes and spirit messages and changelings that refused to upload so, I'll work on that again later after the interferences of weather and wifi and such. 

On mothers day as I was in remembrance of moms...

And daughters...

And family and chosen not birthed family....

I went to the park I used to play in as a child with my mom and dad and the dog. 

I walked in the park today feeling the times of past.

The park with the bridges and creek through town was where I first saw the little people. 

They lived under the bridges and in areas we also inhabit. 

The elementals. 

(Elementals are the earth realm beings like fairies and elves that live in a dimension close but not quite where we experience reality. 

It's what Tolkien was writing about in the Lord of the Rings books. 


The park was close to the house I grew up in and by the schools and the memories flooded in. 

Mostly I have extreme trauma and do not resonate with the energies for long periods of time in my home areas. 

I might move to Greece. And finally get to go back to Sedona and my favorite places soon. 

But I was really enjoying the love and memory of my mom and again, moms and daughters. Very big. 

I drove past my childhood home and the entire day I had a cathartic experience. I saw the shifting in energy. 

I saw it. 

I saw soul groups that were here, a big one, that I'm in, energetically shift and transmute a giant layer of karmic soul contracts. 


Thank you soul group. 

Some of you are heathens, and some I don't know, and some are the most amazing bright love people, and some are in our family lineages long passed. 

Generational and lineage clearing has been going on in large ways and soup groups for a while.


And some in this soul group are yet to be born and all of us carried a very tough resonance or energy signature that we came here to learn from and at this time release. 

Freedom and healing for a whole lot of people most, that are unaware, uninterested in such perspectives or not even knowing each other. 

This soul group tie means we all have had similar trauma or wounding as well. 

Maldek. In particular. I've been working on that some for like 6 or 7 years now? 

We might have similar purposes sometimes too. Or mirror each other. Help each other learn. Or help each other put back fragments of one another. 

All complete! 

The shifting means release from bondages and suffering and having to learn in sometimes lower or even atrocious ways. 

So we are set free from a big layer. 

So a new layer of freedom, decreed by God.

For big soul groups all over and in my home places! 

Its similarly happening in the floods and rains and weather and earth shifting. 


My friend in Sedona kept saying the water, floods, lots of weather and earth stuff this year. I was like yes. I agree. It's more than I expected but, guess what? 

It's our energy and the earth shifting just like we do individually. 

Similar to each of our personal energy fields around our bodies and life circumstances. 

On a bigger scale. 

Water is emotion. 

Allow your feelings to come up to the surface. I'd recommend going into your heart and if you need to cry or tell something or have some private you time or go to sleep... 

You get to.

Do it. 

You are loved. And important.


Yes the veil is very thin. I'm thrilled for everyone to be coming into awareness of their spiritual gifts and abilities as well as aligning in each of our truths and purposes. 

So I doubt you have ti be alarmed if you see it feel some extra spirit activity. 


The soul mate / twin flame alignments are very much shifting and amped up too. Lots of huge shifts. I bet a lot of people will be connecting with old and new soul mates that are good for us, instead of awful and loving instead of oppressive and deceptive. 


Lots of shifting. 

Its awesome. 


I saw it shift. 

I've never seen anything like it. 

I knew I was here for a reason, and shifting and energy and timelines and dimensions. 

All been going on a while. 

I'd about given up faith that it would shift. But it is. And that large shift on mothers day also reignited my light that had been so diminished by the last months and years of experiences. 

Not only for me but many, many people. 

I had waited for it for months. 

Feeling it coming. 

I also have had to go to the depths of my self and soul, through quite horrendous things that I didn't even realize were there in my self work. 

That was not fun mostly however, on schedule. 

Back to happy and fun and harmonious life directions. 

I am not quite fully healed, like ready to run a marathon, 

but I was singing and dancing on the porch plenty lately during the floods and such so I am feeling better than I have in a couple of years. 

Oh to be safe and able to dance on the porch. 

Priceless and...

Was fun. 

So in this memorial time, and the most magnificent shifting I've ever heard of for all of us in the world, rising up from being sick and worse, rooting out and facing the most horrifying pain in myself and my shadow work. 

Or self love work. 

And mass consciousness work. 

I'll be back to full fun life and work in a week or so. 


I've been flooded in....

and still cant drive out or get my doggy out so I have been again stopped and divinely directed. 

I have been very affected by the floods and losing everything yet again, 

but in the same respect I certainly have such gratitude for being able to spend a lot of time for and with my dog at the end of her life. 

And heal myself, with her. 

My dog. Who is my family. 

And most important. 

She has the cutest fur buns. 

So glad I got to be with her at the end of her life. 

I couldnt ever have dreamed up this divine intervention. 


Cars being broken. 

Everybody meddling, manipulating, controlling and all kinds of unpleasant stuff beyond words.

I think I'll need a go fund me page after the last few years. 

I'm not even kidding. We all have times in life huh? 

Oh lord I have no idea how I stayed in integrity and made it through all of that.


I learned a lot. 

And i am truly grateful on this Memorial Weekend. 


I'd prefer now to go back to learning in fun ways. Like my usual. 


Wont you join me? 

Next adventure! 

Say yes. 


Pardon me, again for needing a moment and day off and you know, states of emergency floods and weather and a break from 24-7 work and trying to fix phone calls and schedules.

I kept saying I need a minute and it was like people called and asked for more. I almost moved to 

I have to get passwords and a phone to my new assitant I'll get to work with. 

Shes awesome. 

I cannot wait. 


And... out of the emergency zones and into safe places I'll get to get back to groups readings and regular schedules.


I'm excited and refueled. 

Thank you! 

Good job soul groups all over the planet. 

Thank you all who have walked before us. Bless you all.

I'll see some of you in readings! 

And blessings to us all in present and those who will come after us. 

Have a great week. 

Safe and comfy and happy and healthy and abundant blessings to everybody, everywhere. 

Picture #1: That's aerial view of my house during floods. Those are fields and roads my house and yard were fine due to the dykes and great engineering of the homeowner. 

It was close calls. 

Picture #2: The street and highway under about 6 feet, maybe more of water.

Picture #3: Sweet pup

Picture #4: Elementals at the park where I grew up! 

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