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Welcome June! 

And June Bugs! 

And Blue Healer Gazelles....

I welcome June.....

With an open heart and open arms and open awareness....


with a breath of relief and a little laughter as I watch my beloved Blue Healer fur child and companion....

Eat crunchy June bugs off the porch like there's nothing more joyous on the planet. 

The dog loves June Bugs. 

She starts acting like a poised and graceful Gazelle leaping across the porch and yard.....

And snacking down like an Olympic high jumping and snacking Champion. 

I cant even describe it. 

I would not believe it if I hadn't seen it myself. 

Indi-go go!

Indy or Indigo is her name. 

Her legs are like 2 inches long and her body is rotund, stubby, portly. 

A little bit like the Renaissance Era beauty with a lot of very thick fur. 

A lot of fur. 

Shes very elderly, sort of like a weeble wobble and leisurely slow 99% of the time....

Again, like a Renaissance Era beauty statue that breathes and pants. 

Shes always been like that since we met several years back. 


Nobody could come up with graceful gazelle as a description for her.


If you saw her shape shift into a Blue Healer Gazelle and glide across the the horizon and porches with stealth style and ease to eat those June bugs. 

June bugs! 

Welcome June! 

And crunchy June bugs! 

Lets rewind a second huh? 

I'm really focusing on my life journey and self love journey and Home and Healing and....

I am pretty excited to uncover what the new month of June will bring to the energies and shifting, as well as the continuance of the year. 

I think we have done well and deserve a little respite, restoration and celebration from the storms per say! 

Actual storms in a lot of accounts. 

Especially after intense and more intense weathers and shifting big and small in May. 

My home land is still in a state of emergency in floods and tornados, then my other home land is having bizzare weather too. 

We are all kind of... present. 

Somethings up right? 


My years of talking about energy and shifting perspectives and predictions and such...


I wasnt making it up. We all felt it huh? 

Well it's been my quest to focus and learn with highest good intentions and purpose. 


Self love and reflection. 


It's been all kinds of grooviness, that has not been easy some but has been actually exactly what I had been yearning for and needed, long over due.

Exactly perfect and right for me. 

My path.

Much, and I mean a LOT of my choices have been very much factored by the dog.

My dog. 

Purposefully and lovingly. 

Shes a great catalyst and wayshower for me in many ways. 

The bigger picture. 

I would not change a thing. 

This is....

Added to the fact that she is sometimes in a lot of distress and achey. 

And tired. 

She never, ever complains or barks. 

God only knows what happened to her before we met and adopted each other. 

I think it was not good. 

I know it was not good. 

She could say the same about me. 

We paw bump each other sometimes as we say...


Good job warrior love being, we got through that day or we got through that circumstance or we got through that car ride! 

We both have carried some scars of past and you know, people have commented on how fat and ugly she is. 


And that I should put her to sleep immediately and worse. 


 I've been told those exact things numerous times about me in the last couple of years about me as well. 

Not even kidding. 

Yah. Shadow work. Resonance. Self. Matrix. Programs. Dark tactics. 

I'm not complaining. 

I'm mostly thinking about positive steps, healing, fun, progress and such. 

Good things. 


CUE in..

a few Metallica song splices and lyrics....

Sad but true..


Forever trust in who you (we) are... 

And nothing else matters! 

(I would present the entire poignant song lyrics of Nothing Else Matters or something like Whiskey in the Jar-O,  because I like to sing that one loudly sometimes, 

but I'm wordy as it is...

YouTube it if you are into that kind of inspiration with bass today.)


I think possibly, we need better surroundings, minus projectors and meddlers and interruptions, commentary and friends and family around some days. 

Me and the dog. 

As if anyone, overall, could take mentally wigged out or imbalanced behavior and words all that seriously these days anyway. 



Maybe we do mirror our pet babies and resemble each other! 

I'm honored. 

Just wait, 

I bet I do end up with blue hair in my latter years and some crooked red lipstick and large fluffy buns! 

Maybe some gazelle moves.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to get to walk with her in life. 

I think she's the most beautiful dog girl and delightful grooviness. 

I will continue to eat crunchy carrots and ice chips and if it's her elderly delicacy....

June bugs for June and Indi-go!

It makes evening and night time potty breaks the best part of the day. 

June bugs. 

January was much less amusing. 

No June bugs. Just cold. 


I found a June bug in my hair and with lots of excitement, I flipped it up....



And out of my hair with some graceful moves and right into my freshly made ice coffee. 

It's the first coffee I'd had in months so it was extra dowsed with sweet cream and....

A June bug!


June /June buggy theme here. 

Which I'm taking as a sign for ironic and hilarious enjoyment energies sweeping in with the beginning of June as well. 

Then I quickly threw out the ice coffee with the June bug in it. 

Then, I squeegee'd the glass of all bug cooties and mixed a new batch of sweet ice coffee. 


I sat down, getting ready to write or catch up on texts and things. We like to be close to the ground, now that I'm healing and healthier I can bounce up and down more. 

So the floor it is, for me and the dog so I placed the glass on the floor next to my knee....


All set. 

And 8 seconds later I heard some slurping going on. 

Excuse me, Indi! 

(She is normally, very well behaved and self restrained and will not start lapping up food or drink unless you hand it to her.)

She apparently performed some Vulcan puppy mind meld on that cup of ice coffee, knowing telepathically that it had a delicious crunchy June Bug in it just minutes before. 

I think so. 

I love to smooch the dog but even I do not want her lips anywhere near anything I'm going to ingest so...

So much for the ice coffee idea and we went back to bottled water and giggling together about June and June bugs. 

Synchronicities for June are coming left and right here. 

Welcome June! 

We EMbrace the love, restorations, and rich experiences we feel are flowing in with the month of June. 

June Synchronicity! 

A reminder to stay heart centered and lighten up with a little childlike fun and innocence that the world tries to beat or judge out of us sometimes. 

Ix-nay on the ick-nay....

Only enjoyment and love and balance and safety and comfort and peace and lightening up on the menu for June please God! 

I am asking for Archangel Sandalphon for uber, deluxe extra guidance and assistance for June if you're into that. 

I find great comfort in angelic support. 



believed by some to also be the prophet Elijah in the bible, 

one of the only Archangels to be on Earth in human form and ascend to their celestial


(Archangel Metatron - 

is the other Archangel known to be incarnate in human form as Enoch, the prophet before he ascended into his archangel self. 

Sandalphon and Metatron, 

twin or twin flame, 



often work together, 

counterparts, and are key to humanity and this planet at this time. 

Always ready and waiting for us to ask for their assistance in the name of God, source, creator.)


continued description- 


Is the Archangel caregiver and protector of Earth, 

Ambassador of Earth. 


Angel of Mercy and Prayer, 

She or he, is known to be the presenter or presentation of our prayers to God most high, to help us connect and offer and ask and praise, with God directly. 

Archangel of Music, and creativity.

Saint of children and laughter,

Archangel that assists with the soul mate and twin flame experiences in love and coming back to our original divinity and balance and Genesis or beginnings, divine pure frequencies! 

(experiment some would call it, about twin flame soul mates.)


Archangel Sandalphon, helps us transition and elevate in our ascending journeys here on earth. 

Cool huh? 

I'm asking for assistance from Archangel Sandalphon in every way and on every level, and every time line and circumstance for June. 

For us whoever is into that. 

I'm asking for a little help in remembering who we really are, our divinity in ourselves. 

Our purposes and how we can help others today and only be of help and service today in the highest good, 

Gods will.

Sandalphon, I'm also asking assistance for us all to know how to lighten up and enjoy and laugh and forgive and replenish and remember who we are. 

In our own lives and relationships and careers or families or ourselves and all areas of life. 

And I'm asking for help in our prayers and meditations and our own unique and private connections with God. 

Even if I don't know what to ask for divine intervention or help about,  I'm asking. 

For anyone that wants it. 

And for healing and peace on earth. 

And for indi-go in every way as well. 

And for children. 

And for all of the children or creatures or species on the Earth and of the heavens. 

And for June in general. 

Oh, thank you for helping us find inspirations and synchronicity and divine messages in the music. 

Music please. 

As you are Archangel of Music, you probably know for each of us what is perfect for us today. 

Thank you! 

Blessings to you and thanks, 


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