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After taking some emergent me time and getting the ick off and balancing and shadow work on me and not looking at phones and focusing on my health which was startlingly almost no longer alive health...

It was startling.... I found a few startling parts of the last year really. It's a bit funny too. The energy.

One medical person asked me if a person had been poisoning me. Um...

Well... I hope not! Dont get those dramas started again, I was thinking.  I remember last year or so when lots of people thought I was going to be murdered real loudly and such and such more.... Holy bongo bunnies. Nooooooooo.

So many distortions and interference and daggers that in no way have been invited or necessary have been part of my self work and responsibility in my life and really thrilled to get back to being able to work without the external wonkery and nests and handlers. Oh and the 2 months of car trouble in 3 different states. That was stressful.

Thank you to the person who let me use their vehicle for a few weeks. You might be a large barge carrying a lot of unseemly things, and a rotten loose meat scam sandwich and might need a lobotomy.... but I love you a lot. I appreciate the good and the vehicle help. I'm grateful for all. And transmuted the Grotisserie creepster deceptive stuff. All new. Peace pops! This little momma is going to be just fine. Home.

I'm starting to get much more smooth and balanced everything, as well as answers.

Onward, we are all in this together! All we can do is BE who we are. Harmonious  peaceful fun blessings all.

Thank you to so many really great soul tribe and friends have been so encouraging and supportive over the last year or two, during ick biscuit times and know I've been very sick and doing my self works very intensely. I have yet to catch up and havent seen all of my communications for a long while.

All over the world soul tribe, thanks for checking in and sending great love!

Thanks. You guys have given me the courage to keep going and sharing my work and being myself.

So, like I kept trying to say I've been quite sick over the last months. It's been awesome to look within and learn. My favorite thing on this path for many years of course and how I learn to be who I came here to be at work and at home.

Yes. Shelley, will be hiring the assitant - scheduler so that's still happening and I very much appreciate the amazing people and outpouring yet again. I'm so happy with the organization and for me, as it will give me the chance to actually get to do my work and have a life now. With great soul tribe in unity and doing our part for the higher good.

Thanks. Email Shelley.

So, a lot of health things and heavy ick things.... Which I have no time for that kind of energy or extra people's energies and.....

I went full force into my healing in the lady months with now, awesome results starting.

Lately, I got to play at the park and be with my bff that I've not been able to see in so long. I cant wait to get to see other bff and friends and my family soon. We went to the Ranchers Club in Stillwater for Easter brunch and I got to tell my sister I miss her (we have to schedule appointments to get to talk for a decade and like each other a lot.)

Lots of soul mate and twin flame activity and just progress in general. Remember these things are first about ourselves... who we are. I wrote up a fun retreat class on Love - Soul Mates and Twin Flames so you are welcome to email if interested.

Being creative has been my saving grace for a long time now. So that's been great good, even when I was sickest.

I have my much 2nd home office now settling in Oklahoma in Fairfax now. So, I absolutely can see clients in Fairfax and have been able to go to a few really awesome cities and groups in the last months. As well as re-establish the ability to do the Past Life Regressions and Future Progressions and the Spiritual Hypnosis as well as the energy frequency and shamanic practices that I've done for all of the decades too.

And it's been slow however I have been interested in being in Yellowstone, Island Park, ID some in the summers. So that's next.

I've videoed and vlogged a lot of youtubes. I've only uploaded one video, where I tell a story and then channel Freddy Mercury, on my YouTube channel so far but that's been a project thats been wonderful lately. There has been unexpected choices and guides that have been prevalent for me lately that are amazing. So, more channelling on the way. I never thought I'd particularly want to do the channeling this way but its natural all of my life and have been guided to do so now.

For months ive worked on a lot of spirit spa retreats and workshops and affordable classes that will be so fun. I've missed that in the last couple of years. Like I said, the most advanced and brightest people I've been able to cross paths with. Wow. I love to learn from all of you soul tribees and starseeds and indigo and crystalline and light workers and healers and empaths and....

Then yesterday, my friend and I went off road adventuring... She has a Hummer and it was the best time ever. So very muddy and stunning out. We also found fossils. The mud was the best.

Today, I just got to drive back and forth to the doctor so, next steps and newness and home. My theme for the next days is HOME. I AM that I AM. HOME. I've always wanted a home but never had that in my adult life really. So HOME. HOME.

That's my big exciting update. It's just a day or few days in the adventure life.

And the few photos I got along the way recently.

Thanks to the quite a few people that ask for my long rambling posts. Xoxo

Have a joyous weekend and happy blessings everybody.

Thank you!

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