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Be Yourself - Full Throttle

Be Yourself - Full Throttle

Lets turn up the music...

Sing in the car...

And keep moving along our paths and highways of life.

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to sing?

That will make your trip fun here on this road of life?

Shall we get our keys and hit the play button and see what comes on the radio for us, to inspire our journeys?

It is no secret that overall, this path, your chosen path, is supposed to be fun and fulfilling.

We are here to hold and pray for that love and fun and happiness and richness and success and growth in place for all...

The highest good of all.

That is manifestation.

We are here to love our family and friends and live life to the highest good as well.

I mean, we all say it over and over...

We are here to love one another and live good lives in peace.

This is a time of Divine Order, organization.

Recalibrations of our engines, new paint jobs and even new cars.

The directions are right here and the Atlases, the maps are in the front seat and on the dash...

The flag says go.

Do not even get me started on the energy of the infinity...


The infinity road in us.

The infinity symbol in us.

More like the structure of the energies and our maps, in our own energy fields. That Christed connection with the divine...

It is about our Sacred Unions inside and ultimately with our Counterparts too.

Infinity Road inside.


Talk about zooming Home into destiny in Lions Gate....

Which is August. 8-8-8...

Lots of manifestation and creation...

You are in the drivers seat.

Focus on your own open road.

If you are tired, having burn out and stagnation etc....

You can rest and you may have some physical symptoms of the shifting going on.

Rest stops are for all of us.

We all have to get the oil changed.

It will pass.

So will the sadness in the air and the heaviness or even tragedy in the past, that has been in the energies.

That is not part of being Home or being your self full throttle.

It is part of the journey that is clearing the darkness out of our world, our maps and the roadways.

We will clear the fuel systems and get the gunk out.

We do have to address the darkness and shadows on earth and all roadways.

To clear our infinity ♾ energy paths we have to open up our eyes to the decay and violations of our roads, then clear our paths and repave the streets.

In the Lions Gate energies it is usually a beautiful transformative time and collosal awakenings, focus, love, committments to our truths... can occur energetically for all.

Its an epic adventure.

Luckily all of our Soul connections, Twin Flames or Divine Counterparts and Tribes...

Or friends or normal people with Light...

Your people...

They love you and recognize you, support you to the best of their abilities just like you have and will always treat them.

With dignity, care, compassion, love...


And they will be there for you.

They will empower you, recognize you, love you and know you for you.

Like you have and will for them.

Your Soul connections.

Are on the road again too.

Headed to your driveway.

Beep. Beep!

You know those feelings we have all had?

Alone. Separate. Isolate.

These templates and programs are being slowly and smoothly being cleared from consciousness.

Talk about the trickster lower devil matrix eh?

Just like jerk burgers who cut us off in traffic and drive in hostile ways.



We are being reconnected.

Our hearts, our minds, bodies, spirits, souls are being restored and realigned in our own Light and Divine plans.

Our Divine Lanes.

Imagine the billions of roads, driveways and paths of all people throughout history...

Imagine all thoughts, feelings, fears, imbalances, circumstances, losses, beliefs, judgements, projections and seriously crispy unwell intentions and weird things like suffering...

All throughout history and each individual including dark, skeezy, soulless people...

That held that separate, isolate, alone feelings and energies inside and tainted our freeways with darkness, all of the street lights flickery or out.

And maybe soaked in the atmosphere and all of our streets and roads.

We all have had some moments of that lonely, lonely road inside.

We all yearn for Home, God in us, welcoming and happy and safe and bright.

We are cleansing these thousands of years of aloneness and separation.

Bringing Home the fragments of us into wholeness.

I repeat, we are bringing Home the fragments and pieces of us, our cars in new and whole ways.

Hundreds of thousands of years. Winters, storms, wars and weddings, summers and springs...

Over all of the lands and waters, throughout time...

THAT is what we are clearing and healing in mass consciousness.

Though many of our roads and connections, lives and Divine Counterparts have been severely interfered with...

By that lurky and skanky, stalkery lower dark matrix...

We are leaving them in the dust.

It is quite alright and will be ok.

Our loved ones hearts and souls are closer than ever.

Those in spirit and in the physical world, riding along with you.

The divine is in your every breath and thought.

You are in good company, even when it doesnt feel like it.

You never know when those around you are a gift, angels or the presence of God.

You never know who you will meet or what treasure you will find on the next miles of your life roads.

You do have destined and true soul families, tribes and Counterparts and many of us have missions and purposes with a Counterpart or Soul Group, unfulfilled that are and were our destined paths.

Your knowing for you, was always right.

See the sign at the crossroads?

Follow your sign.

Your arrow has your name on it.

Your soul families signs too.

We might have a trail of Reeces Pieces or our Souls path calling us might be at mile marker 222.

You are on the right track and you chose the right way to go Light Beings.

Look at that bumper sticker...

Uh huh.

A Soul Tribe member, in the silver truck to the right.

Can't miss it.

You are never alone.

Your purposes, passions and missions with your soul families and mates are still valid and good.

Interferences and extra scewbled schizz-nanigans will be corrected or rewritten we can call it, in the next cycles, phases, waves and New Earth energies.

Lets turn up the radio on that one.

We all had some ick and oh my goodness cheese mc fleas...

We have all had unnessicary losses, flat tires and set backs and maybe even stowaways in our trunk and riding on top of our cars.

Some uninvited passengers?

And some clods of..

Well clods trying to carjack us or just being giant dirt clods hanging on.

The dark energies and distortion are simply trying in every way to piggy back on us, our vehicles into the Light.

They have been warned about that and the Universal Divine Source police task force is of course still in motion rounding up the skanksters and gangsters of darkness that are trying to block our roads, hide in our floorboards and car surf their way into the Light on top of our trucks and cars.

There is no passage and the road blocks are being removed.

Beep beep!

The car washing is commencing...

The bog ole scrubbers in the car wash of life and this full moon energy, are scrubba dub clearing away the next layer of clods...

You can sing in the car wash too.

Don't forget about singing in the car wash.

Speaking of interference and distraction while some of that lower energy from the old dark ages tries to hang on to us all.

I recall vividly years ago, I was driving me and my friend somewhere across town.

It was late or at least dark.

There was a pot hole and the bounce made one of my head rests pop up a bit...


My passengee started squealing and jumped almost through the roof.

It was funny and startling.

Im not a squealey kind of person in the last few decades, and it is not good on the empath heightened energy senses when people start screaming in my face.

They said...

Oh I thought maybe the Moth Man had landed on the car and was going to kill us.


Oh sure...

I thought.

Thats normal and not at all terror fear based.

Why is everyone always scared and kind of in terror, wanting to share that?



Its imprinted in us, ALL of US, those lower matrix dark clods and vibes, so we can point and isolate and separate and possibly falsely judge others or trick others into being or feeling alone and hopeless.

I mean we all have something weird to somebody or irrational...

I have to have my feet off the floor during shark week. It startles me and my body thinks possibly Jaws or Shark-earthquakes could erupt through the floor.

I have no expectation of Moth Man or other dark entities... and I hope nobody does, or sees dark things like that, but sharks yes, that is an irrational imprinted fear of mine.

We all have something that frays our senses and rips open our energy forms and fields.

Stupid inverted matrix and mass consciousness clearing.


Dark dirt clods!

Oh for the love of banjos and bongos...

Please do not invite that kind of energy in my car, or on my path.


Just an FYI...

The unacceptable and old dark stuff just does not exist and never will be in existence in the higher vibes life we are building the foundation for...

And we will watch things of dark, lower designed circumstances, behaviors, experiences and the bulk of the lower matrix fall away and be out of our reality.

More than ever.

More and more.

We have made it further than humanity has ever come into higher frequencies.

Talk about New Earth roads, gateways and paths!

Its slow and takes effort which can be annoying but...

We keep it up.

Being ourselves.

Driving along in our automobiles of ascension.

It is of utmost importance that we also allow others to be themselves.

Have compassion and shush our biscuit lips about others.

There is no need to try to map out anyone else.

What do you think about...

No longer trying to force our ideas or roads or routes upon others?

If you are scared of the Moth man and lets say...

Love or friendship or success or photos of flowers and happy people...

And I am not.

I am only scared of sharks and scheduling, marriage, squealing and loud squeaky sounds, shopping, bobble head dash board puppet people and the energizer bunny...

It doesn't mean you are crazy or bad or lesser or that only my views and ways are correct.

And vice versa.

Remember you do not know others travels, or what its like or has been like for others.

Get a grip and stop texting while driving.

If everybody would drive kindly...

You might find Soul Mates and Family right in front of you.

I'm just saying.

Jesus has got the wheel for everybody, not just who you think God likes.

I suggest we squeegee that windshield and Armor All on the plastic eh?

I know I have been saying this and helping people clear their lives, houses, energies and roads for decades but...

Please have compassion and respect for others.

The likelihood of others knowing or being right about you or you them is...

Low visibility.

Just because they say it or need to be right or are pointing at others, calling them dark or crazy or sneaking in and trying to control those who seem weaker or unintelligent...

Does not make it true.

It kind of shines a light on the whole deal.

We have all been scared and alone and technically...

If someone wants to, they can search and search for something about anyone and everyone to point at and degrade and persecute.

That is stupid and a trick of the darkness.

Low visibility in the rain maybe.

Violation to others paths and roads like that, might get you a ticket and...

You may find out that its you, not them at all.

No road rage.

Do not get me started on the Cosmic Divine, unbelievable magnitude of it all.

All these years of seeing it this way. Energetically and frequency views and perspectives.

It is really cool.

By the way, when you lean that far over into other peoples lanes... Your butt crack shows. Nobody needs to see that! And... For the love of fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view... Please do not drink and drive or involve your webs and secret car racing or carjacking and police chases... In other peoples lanes and relationships, incomes, families, careers, houses and lives. There are kids in those cars. All of our butt cracks have shown, we all have distortion that we are clearing, healing and navigating through. Everybody has plenty to do. Just to be their full selves.... And get through in their own lives and businesses and worlds. Often we love to help and support and be there for others which is the true way Home. There is plenty of space between cars and more than enough gas or free energy for us all.

In these times the Light has been recalculating and course correcting for all of us children of God.

Inside and out.

I kept receiving messages from the guides and angels as I always do that showed God, shuffling and healing us, as well as clearing each heavy layer.

What is in spirit, takes a moment sometimes to manifest here as an exit or on ramp for us.

So the course correcting, Divine Counterpart realigning, purposes and missions refueled...

Ahead on the highway of life.

Ive been seeing this and having this message for all Light beings....

For a couple of years so, we will be seeing more that unfold in our world and loves and lives finally.

Get a water or coffee, stretch your legs. You are right on time and on track for you.

And back on path...

On the road again.

Some have wonderful purposes with others too.

Secret admirers anyone?

Yes secret admirer!

Power couples anyone?


Its not about another person mostly, however we have Counterparts that are meant to be for us, in this life.

This is the ascension.

Keep your eyes open for the signs in the license plates and bumper stickers that might let you know there is a kindred Soul driving along on a similar journey as you...

Right there.

I kept seeing the same car with a license plate that said something like...

DM - DF 1111.

Which would be a Twin Flame or Ascension reference...

As I am and was supposed to be sharing what energy aspects and updates, I knew about the ascension and Divine Counterparts and that it is im some respects the exact same thing...

Do not even get me started on THAT many decades of downloads on the whole thing.

I took it as a sign.

Many times.

Many kindred and like minded Divine Humans are driving right beside us.

I saw that car at the airport and grocery mart, pulling in Cocola-tree, in the next town over, they turned corners in front of me, were at the gas station...

Get this...

I was trying to get a million things done, probably singing in the car...

Hit it!!!!

Ive got 99 problems but my....


Guess who lives directly next door to me?


DM -DF 1111 tag.

The garage was open as I pulled up.

Great neighbors and peaceful community.

I am seeing new connections, big restarts and reconciliations occurring now and in the days ahead for many.

Lots of dreams come true and people's GPS getting back online and...

Green Lights for many in many aspects of life.

Its exciting!

Cheers to love and connection and best friendships.

Beep. Beep!

The roads are coming together and courses are corrected. Where I am from it sometimes took years and years on main streets and highways to be completed.

I never understood that.

No more construction, the smooth and pristine roads are yours now.

We are here to wish everyone well, the highest good, freedom and wholeness and whatever is best for all...

We came here to pull each other out of the ditches.

I know I have been saying this for a whole lot of years and lifetimes.

It gets old and we are all navigating through our own lives, lanes and awakenings as well as participating in the world awakenings and consciousness changes.

We all will help each other find our connection and wholeness and Home.

Here let me adjust your headlights...

Pay the persons toll behind us...

And pull the branch out of your street so you can pass without challenges and be on time to your life and love and path.

We are on the road again...

We are all on this road together.

Be yourself.

Full Throttle.


I may be on the road again, singing in the car and super booked up for a few weeks...

I am excited to get to connect and find our maps are directing us to the same places.

See you soon!

Thank you.

Happy Trails.


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