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End of 2018......

Thank you so much....

Friends and family and awesome soul tribes and clients and connections and starseeds and indigos and Crystallline and spiritual folks and aarsome animals and love beings....

You shine so bright!!!!!!

Thank you.

I wish I could hug each one of you.

Many blessings for this time of change and upcoming year.

To everybody, everywhere.

I cannot be more grateful for all of my experiences and growth and goodness I have received from so many people across the globe.

In multidimensional ways.

I'm in awe of you all.

(Almost. Heheeeeeee)

I dont even know how to express the appreciation enough.

Thank you -



Edmonton - Canada

Kansas City


Oklahoma City





Osage Nation





Fort Worth




Peck, Kansas!!!!

El Dorado






South Africa


The Omstead



Sand Springs















New york





New Mexico

South Texas

Nova Scotia!!!!

YELLOWSTONE! - Island Park, Idaho!!!!!!!

I've missed dozens of obvious places and people but you know....


Thank you for the many perceptions and perspectives and supports and views and extra care and encouragement and inquiries and awakenings and love and recommendations and appointments....

I cannot express the appreciation.


my apologies on the long months of schedule changes and debacles and ridiculous non cell services and wifi wonkery.

The difficulties in especially scheduling and phone issues this last year.

It wore me out finally.

And pretty much grounded me.

(God knows I always need grounding!)

Thank you for being so supportive when I had losses and unplanned changes and burdens.

I have felt your love and prayers.

My car is fixed too. Mostly.

Thank you assistants and managers for fixing so much.

We should be all smooth and easy from now on in contacting each other and getting appointments scheduled and travels all set.


This week my telephones have literally started to erase my contacts including my family.

I have maybe an 8th of my contact list left.

Quite annoying.

So, perhaps if I'm not calling when you want me to,

I might not have your number anymore.


I noticed out of 250 unseen texts I now have less than 70 so....

Ok then!

I literally haven't had time or even seen some of your texts and calls.

Or I've been sick.

Or just living a regular life, with a schedule and organization.

Thanks averey for the divine intervention.

Assistants and great friends who offer such kind help!

Thank you so very much for the most wonderful and capable and great people that inquired about the assistant job.

I bow to you all.

And feel your great energies.

Thank you.

Averey stepped in and took over without any instruction and became my most needed management team at the most pertinent time. Thank you for being so good to her and me.

Its fixable. Almost fixed.

I'm writing down everyone's numbers in a notebook.

That seems the only stable way to have communication for long.


And I'm so happy to reboot myself too.

You know, we all need some rest and restoration especially in these intense shifting times.

Oh, if you cannot schedule and my webpage doesn't work still, email me at or text me and tell me who you are please.

Its easily fixable and we can get you in quickly. All set.

I've seen numerous and many psychics and mediums and healers over the years be unwilling to meet with people in person....

like I have done for so many years.

Ive seen many who were so exhausted at the hate and weird spiritual attacks and trolling and just energies....

Or the interference and ruinous behaviors of others toward them.

Sometimes to run that much energy and the subjects of some readings are heartbreaking and severe so we do also get tired and it's not always easy to protect ourselves from the world and low energies like TV or news or harsh people. Even certain land spaces or cities do not peacefully resonate with everybody.

So sometimes spiritual people have to close down the borage and go within their hearts and rest.

I love to meet with people in person and in organized and scheduled ways.

I love it.

I love meeting with the people.

Yes I still meet with people as I have been able to, for almost 30 years.


I love my life work.

And learn every day.

I cannot Express my gratitude for this life journey.

I hope I can share with many of you as the years go on.

I am so gloriously amazed at the advanced and brilliant people I get to meet on my life walk.

I love you all.



On the travel trips and remote sessions from cool vortexes and haunted places and galactic celestial sightings and workshops and groups and spiritual spa retreats I'm getting to get back to....



I make a LOT less money and the costs are sometimes outrageous for me to do that traveling but I love it.

Of course I still get to do these fun and interesting parts of my life work.


Thank you to people who loaned me their vehicles or picked me up in the last months while mine was being repaired numerous times.

And the generousness of my family and friends in my stranded and really tough health times.

Yes. I know.

Thank you Lash Out,

in ponca for inviting me to be part of the team.

I love it at Lash Out.

Fantastic Salon in ponca, hair and lashes and more!

Fantastic people.

Check it local home town folks.

I definitely do Skype and phone and video sessions snd email readings all week long.

And I love that.

I really love it.


Phone and Skype and emails etc are the same for me as in person.

Its energy and I dont even look at people in person all that much. I just read energy.

Heavenly folks dont use cars either!

I'm giggling.

I am so happy I get to do my full work more this year upcoming.

I'm so excited.

Psychic medium, spiritual engineering and energy healing and coaching...

Thank you.

And I was so tickled in the last 3 or 4 months to get to do several angel channelled answers via email.

You ask a few questions and receive channeled angelic messages.

It's fun.

That was a lot about my work. Which is a teeny, tiny bit of who I am.

I sat down tonight in one of my air b n b travel housing and broke out in tears.

I think it's been the first time in months I've had much time to myself.

In my own energy!

And the first time in months and months and months that I'd allowed myself to just breathe........

And follow through with the surrendering and relief and alignment and wholeness of myself.


I like it.

Weeks ago, I had several really cool signs about releasing and surrendering and getting into new life lanes.

Lots of prayers and meditating.

Thank you.

May your holidays be joyous and harmonious and safe and free and fulfilling and restoring and abundant...

And all of you know you are and feel truly loved.

May your new year be blessed in all ways.

May your family and loved ones and homes and directions and jobs and lives be blessed in every way and on every level.

God Bless.

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