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For the Love of Nachos, Lake Tahoe and Nostrils...

And Energetic Volcanic Eruptions!!!

Its a little frenetic in the energies right now. 

It seems perhaps to be a sort of backlash in the collective. 

So if possibly its uncomfortable or people are hurting or acting out, petty or game playing or maybe you are seeing some true colors explode or having some deep feelings, anxiety or feeling tired and even feeling drawn to certain things, places, thoughts or people.... 

It is part of the awakening shifting to get us to a new frequency, clearing and healing, ending what really was attached and not for the highest good, as well as aligned in our divine paths, connections and steps forward. 

Distortion in us all has been agitated. 

As well as the 5D and higher is being activated and our dreams and passions and missions and all kinds of good things being activated as well. 

May is...


I woke up early to some real angry bird activity at my door. 

More abusive behavior and violation of energies is just... 

Not pleasant and unacceptable. 

I miss a private Home space.

It has been challenging here and God only knows...


Whatever you are feeling, its going to be Ok. 

There may be external influences going on. 

Especially if you are super empathic and have been through a lot, or you are on a Divine Counterpart Twin Flame or Soul Mate journey, it can be extra or extreme right now. 

Part of this is shifting of paradigms, templates, beliefs and ideals.

Its a clearing and release, release, release of many layers of things. 

So we can begin to stabilize and function in the higher frequencies. 

We just at the beginning and there is much, enormous awakening needed in consciousness.

May is a big unleashing for all. 

We will never be the same again. 

We just returned from Lake Tahoe and I am so tired. 

Catching up.

That was a beautiful and wonderful place to go. 

I see why many love that place and get married there or buy a place there...

I loved it. 

I LOVED the moments on the beach in the morning with God.

I will share some photos.

I have needed an uninterrupted day off and time to myself for months and years. 


I still do. 

Im happy and enjoying life but it is a little energetically cruncherishious!!!!

Hang on!!!

Everything is going to be alright. 

Love and Fun Blessings!


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