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Fathers Day 2020 -

Happy Fathers Day

Summer Solstice

New Moon into Cancer

Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse


5 retrograde planets...




Its a huge growth time...

Im supposed to share finally again.

And get my voice back after enduring the last years of abuses and atrocity, threats and twisted gaslighting and demonizations and crimes.

I know many, many people are in that process in similar ways.

Its time to shift those paradigms and into truth and....

Pretty much walk through the abuses and crisis and distortion and rage and lies and grief and suffering and oppressions and betrayals and fear and degradation and all that is not loving or light or God or safe or ok or at all acceptable...

and unwind it and step into the new earth energies and alignment in ways we have never done before.

Im in.

New earth energies means higher frequencies and better lives for all of us.

(Think about it like this maybe, if we were entering heaven, or heaven and earth were melding into heaven in earth...

Since most of us think the higher dimensions or heaven is not plagued by psychopathic stuff or sickness or hunger or rage or any of dark things that exist in humanity.

So if we are ascending into heavenly states and frequencies all of us must purge and release and heal from the darkness that has been so prominent in our world and lives.

Could be uncomfortable huh?

But at the same time so very magnificent.

Thats whats up extra in this weekends lineup and energies)

We are deprogramming...

And healing...

Energetically and Scientifically...

On all levels....

Spiritual Passages....

And we are coming in to the best places and ways to help others and finally get to be our selves and fulfill our purposes and live our dreams and passions...

And to notice the beauty and love and value and compassion and freedom and richness in ourselves and this world all around us.

If you can, try to focus on what you truly want in our lives or society or universe.

And maybe sit in that gratitude vibe as long as possible as that can propel us forward in beautiful ways.

Self love.

One Love.

Universal Love.

Recalibrating to what we truly want and deserve and have worked for and prayed for....

Heaven in earth.

Peace in Earth.


Recalibrating and recalibrating and recalibrating.

Advancing and uplifting.



We are all going through this shifting time together.

I have had to be quiet and more quiet for a long time now.

Ive been waiting for this and these times for over a year or two feeling this extra level of shifting and healing and breakthrough for myself as well as everybody, everywhere.


Getting to remember and re-recognize our true selves and finding our happiness and home in ourselves.

In a way I can get back on track and get to share in the ways that I am best at and why I am here.

And be myself again after some extreme restriction (again).

Thats amazing. Step by step.

I am hoping for all of you whatever is best and highest good for each of you. Us.

And whatever will bring you all the healing or love or safety or abundance or answers or balance or freedom or whatever your heart and soul wants and needs the most.

This can be a time of many opportunities and many realizations and many doors opening so this weekend is a really lovely portal that we can be present in to focus on what we do want and how we want to feel and where we want to be.

Refreshed start.

Embracing changes!!

Breaking on through to the next level.

Set some highest good intentions!

Its why we came here. Most of us.

Still. Ongoing process. Big weekend.

Oh. Oh . Love and Connections with your tribes.

I am really excited that in these shifts the results might bring many people together with their true Soul mate match or their Twin Flame or their Starseed mate and counterparts and people that carry your same purposes and resonances and frequencies. Its like the hollow false love people found each other and will be divinely moved out of the way for our next steps.

The conductor tap tap taps the podium and....

Get ready to come into tune, perfect harmony, divine order all together now.

And the universal music of love touches us all and day after day as the light keeps pouring in, month after month...

And in the next years.

We will find our perfect tune and write our perfect songs together, with the our soul tribe that we belong with.

Well we are going throigh a portal and a lot of activations and alignments so....

You know what I just thought of?

You what this is like?

This weekend?

The last part of Junes energy?

Since I am of course in the last place I want to be in, Tulsa where the chaos and politics and violence and separation and craziness is all focused right now.

Down the street.

Of course I live a couple of miles from the race riots of old and president visitation of today are occurring.

I know why I am here. (Remembering who I am inside is what I mean.)

I also knew, why I was here a year or 2 ago too.....

and I was pretty full of rage and disbelief last year that I was sitting in the worst conditions, with the worst intending people and person ever, that had the worst plots and crimes and sex offenders and conning going on against me and around me, in Oklahoma, which I did not ourposefully choose, close to death....


(which was their true hope and wishes for me apparently, death.

I dont know how many times that was screamed at me.

Thank you dozens of people for calling me to warn me of the dangers over the last years. Here and in Arizona.)

I was so hurt and mad and suffering.

With no help or way out it seemed.


I never focus on things like that on purpose, as we know our thought becomes intention and creation.

All of our wounding, personally and collectively will keep bubbling up and all of us have some or a lot that can and will be addressed and restored back to our natural states of love and wholeness.

And I never focus on politics or the anger or anguish in the world. I see the big energy patterns and connect the dots way in advance sometimes and my psychic awareness is amped up for a long time now even more than it was yet its hard to explain.

It is.

In the energy-now.

Its like we are ALL having to get protective orders.

And asking for help and having to stay safe and heal and get rid of and get divorced from an abusive, devil, predator, narcissist, stalker, kidnapper, no conscience, serial killer, mind control, tyrant, pedophile, devil that has no intention of letting us go.


Just endlessly stealing our cash and innocence and life force.

All together. All of us. At once. Now.

(The darkness is grasping at all of us in brutal ways. To keep us from awakening and ascending and having anything good.

The distortions are loudly bubbling up.

I mean look at the world right?

And all of our lives in some ways.)


the heavens are aligning us to that place where the door is left accidentally unlocked and open!!!!!!

The cellar door was left open!!!!!

And (for once) the devil predator is tripping over their own undone shoe laces and the traps and chains they had us tied up in are npt in place.

And theyre really drunk as usual, with that alcohol domination power over others addiction now, working for the highest good.


The devil predator tripped and dominating him or herself!

In the old, archaic, fear based B movies it seemed to be the "lesser" ladies always trip when running from the predator and as we are noticing in mass consciousness its also time to clear any "minority" groups or false definitions of others.

Its usually the lesser or minority character that got killed because they tripped.

Such drama.

But now its the devil predator.

Tripping on themselves.

For years.

THATS when we have a moment,

to dart out the door into the sunshine and down the street.


THATS when we have the moment to gracefully stand up where we are and watch the devil person realize their gig is up, and they always get caught and we can where the devil predator can't stand the sunlight and the warmth touches our skin and tingles just a little bit and we can say oh thank goodness freedom!!!!!

Help and Safety and Cleansing and Support and...


Its a good time to plant seeds of love and family and successes and fun and...


And the devil predator burns to a crisp in the sunlight!

Squealing and spewing all kinds of degrading and demonizing and ignorant things in the last efforts to re-enslave and break and kill us while they are burning up in the Light of highest good and WE shine and become the Phoenix rising from the grips of the ashes of the devil predator claws.

Thats the reality, in a silly B movie kind of way.

That is truth.


That is kind of what is going on this weekend in the energy.

Its kind of an Atlantis repeat but bigger and better results as we are in a new era.

And weirdly, its almost exactly what I have been going through for like 4 years. With a few people.

And almost exact repeat of 30+ years ago, with the same exact soulesss mates, twinkie twin flame people that grew up down the street from each other in my homeplace.

And the same groups of people saying and doing the same things to try to cause as much harm and damage as possible. As much separation, rape, ruin, pillaging and destruction and death of souls and lives as possible.

Same experience.

Same devil characters.

Same darknesses.

Same walking and talking atrocity to humanity.


Soul groups.

Karmic Completions. Thank God.

DNA family line clearing.

Consciousness Recalibration in higher divine good than we have ever known.

Old dark cycles and distortion is being eradicated in our world so we find stability and belonging and security and fun and love and balance and magic and freedom and unity and new options and support and nurturing...


This is the best most freeing time and somewhat coolest part of the awakening times so far in these last 35+ years for me. Soul Tribe too.

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