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Super Flower Blood Full Moon in Sagittarius


Lunar Eclipse Energy Report

You know what is really cool about this energy and time?

Ill tell you.

Everything is bubbling up extra.

Its creating a lot of change.

Paths clearing on the next levels.

Another level of change lifting us in higher frequencies and timelines.

We can expect many blessings and beautiful results in these changes in particular at this time.

How about...

Endings and really amazing, fully aware, chosen new beginnings and clean slates with unconditional love.

The next steps.

Possible spurts of deep and honest feelings...









I have been seeing some big recognitions of others shine and light.

That is delightful to my heart to see and hear about.

We are finding similar frequencies in others like never before.

Its also a...


Not purgery.

Enough, no more of the lying to our faces and on our names and lives and finances.

Purging the scandalous secrets that were never secrets, manipulations, crimes and abominations done to us.


I know nothing about purgery but the word fit, in clearing these lower templates and programs are continuing and continuing.

Yes to the Purging!

We outgrew some of that distortion many years ago.


Its stupendous.

I have really been wanting to use the word stupendous for something today so that fits as well.

Each of us, inside of ourselves, are being allotted in these energies an awakening out, big steps, way out...

of the heaviness of the hijacked lower matrix and fear based minds we are used to.

That may have been or may be a strenuous process, eeeeeeeeeclipse please...

Stupendous eclipsing is going on.

I like it.

Hold on, more than ever, we can find ourselves in the new earth energies and frequencies.

Love is in the air!!!

This year and this full moon into June is a beginning of the end.

That can mean for all of us, extra alignments and paths that are just right, in our lives.

Changes we can see and touch.

The tangible positives and our hearts opening up in ways we didn't even know were possible.

With a lot of passion and light.

We are in a zero point, manifestation and creation time in this Super Full Moon!

As well as the eclipses.

Creation and manifestation occurs in that balanced place as we remove and resolve things, leaving room for all that is good and meant for us.

I think most of us will notice some changes in our lives that bring comfort and resolution where we might have never known or seen before.

Or perhaps ease and newness after a long period of restlessness and stress.

More change than you expect.

More conscious choice.

More passion!

Despite the difficult and grotisserie chicken energies and projections that are bubbling up from the depths of distortion in everybody and everything and everywhere in the world in spurts, which are not stupendous.

Including generational patterns and deep soul wounds and trauma and targeting.

Personally and in collectives, in the world stages.

Big pictures and at our houses.

Next steps.

Light Warriors you are doing a great job in this world and in these times!

This Full Moon in Sagittarius might be a good time to hold hope and faith and anything you want in your life.

When this type of energy and the solar flares start erupting this much, I really want to take a nap and a long vacation...

However that is not relevant, this is...

I always think of Mother Mary messages over the years and months where she holds us in unconditional love and says do not judge or force your agendas or views upon others.

Really, anyone can find something to hate or judge in any of us...

I would advise against that.

We already know quite obviously most of the time, who is in no way stupendous or your kind of people so if possible, unless you can stop crimes or suffering or others need help, please avoid judging others and keep your hands and agendas and secrets to yourself.

Have compassion.

Stay in your own lane.

As I watch the levels of old paradigms start erupting and see much forceful and lower agendas and behavior start squiggling, I am always reminded that God will hold our hand and navigate with us and clear our paths.

This is a shifting time of great love in these energies.

Thats one of my favorite books that was given to me around 1993, is called-

Mary's Message to the World, by Annie Kirkwood.

Where Mother Mary speaks of compassion as the answer and asks us awakening humans to please clear judgement.

It is a channeled book written in the 80's that tells of these energies and frequency shifts.

Almost exactly what was written in that book is going on now in the world, the collective.

Especially now in the Flower Super Full Moon and eclipse time.





Motion forward in wonderful ways


There will be more breakthroughs for many of us in these energies.

These forward movements in the physical reality can pull you away from those lower vibes, more people and circumstances for your divine good.

So you stabilize in harmonious and happy ways.


All the things and areas we have been working toward, for our whole lives or weeks or years some of us.

Stability in the higher frequencies.

This is good.

We might expect to have quick adjustments that place us with our highest good circumstances and even more of our true soul families and tribes.

And stability.

Like fireworks.


You might change your mind in a flash or find where you always belonged in the first place energetically.

We might feel extremely worn out in these energies.

Or get sick for a moment, as these layers are pulled open, however like brand new doors opening we are being aligned in our truths in these planetary alignments and phases.

Rest and contemplate if you need to.

Do not let people harrass you or pull you apart for their convenience and fodder at this time.

As if we LET anyone do anything.

Well their gassy gaslit distortion might blow themselves to Uranus extra in this Super Full Moon.


There is a karmic or justice uplevelling divinely orchestrated going on in layers for a long time that can be illuminated extra now.

Dont look.

Its crucial to put yourself first and have your self care time.

It is crucial to be protective of others as well.

And walk in integrity as this energy can be wriggly and controlling or fearful or gaslighting or judgemental or greedy people and actions may really be evident.


Is it pretty obvious in world stages and systems around us?



In the same respect, its ok and time and safe to trust that you can receive. You are successful and loved and perfect as you are and are protected and can be yourself.

You can expect all hidden feelings and desires to bubble up including love and happiness and strength and success and fulfillment.

Lots of good.

Talk about Flower Full Moon.

We can expect flowers or beauty...

Its springtime.

A super beautiful Divine man went way out of his way yesterday to bring me a unique gift.

It was big to me.

You might expect the Light beings, Divine humans, kindred souls recognizing each other.

I got to go pray the other day with one of my bff at the vortex, we collaborate and like to work together.

We got to talk about lots of science and spiritual things and projects and creations.

Time with him, just praying and talking was such a gift too.

These Flower Full Moon Super energies might bring you gifts and flowers and special moments like these that nourish us and activate us.

Your moments and times may surprise you.

You may be meeting people you know you can trust and are safe with.

Or fall in love with or collaborate with.

You may have a strong, passionate, realigned, pull toward others.

Recognizing the right ones and how to be right with one another.




Get to receive the types of people and activity and circumstances that match you.

Like fireworks.




That is what you have been giving and working toward in your lives and for this world.

Its coming back to you now and you will see it.

Take responsibility for THAT Divine people!

You have done well.

Good job in these trying times.

Good work in your self discoveries and inner reflections, healing and dedication to this awakening and ascension time.

Reality is changing.

It is good.

Let there be Light, my fellow Light Warriors.

I will be doing a Light Language prayer tomorrow night in the beautiful Full Moon Energies. I will add anyone in that wants support prayers in the Light Language prayer. You can literally just ask the Light, God, Source, your teams of angels and guides to add you in the prayers. And it is done.

Have a great week and Flower Super Full Blood Moon eclipse time.

Eclipse endings and vavooooom fireworks light, new clear

paths beginnings and blessings to all.

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