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Happy New Year 2022!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Welcome 2022!

Many Pure, Divine Blessings for everybody everywhere...

May we Fall into Light!













































For everybody, everywhere for all....

In this New Year.

Aa always.

We went deep and accomplished a lot in the past year.

I send a heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the Soul Mates, Tribes, Families, Divine Counterparts and those who chose, who choose to live in the Light and in their soul flame hearts.

Thank you.

I send love to our loved ones and teams in spirit, who we love and miss and appreciate so much.

Thank you,

for the many inquiries and clients and friends...

And fur kids.

Thank you.

I love you.

I see your Soul Tribe Lights.

I hear you Soul songs.


2022 New Year brings us into new energies.

Thank God.

New energies shift us inside and out.

Which is beautiful, as great love and great good coming full circle is indicated here.

Trust will be part of the theme.

2022 is a numerology 6 year and codes.

New codes and activations.

The 6 in our higher frenquency codes vibrates with harmony, Home, beauty, family, enlightening, freedom, creativity, clarity...

I am excited about it.

For all of us.

I have been on a lot of adventures lately.

Have you?

I have been to the different places of beauty around Sedona and I went up to Rim Rock on New Years morning.

I resonate.

I have been navigating the inner adventures as well.

Have you?

We had a week before Christmas/ vacation in Tombstone with the old west everything.

Wyatt Earp historical things and communing with the land and skies.

Ghost Tour and history tours.


We did see some amazing meteors, stars and UFO activity in the skies and on ground with the night vision as we did a little prayer, ancestor communicating and overall a unity activations ceremony, as always while in Tombstone.

It changed us.

The skies have been amped up with the Light ships that are holding us, holding our grids and matrices of the New higher frequencies stable as...

We wriggle through the distortion in ourselves and in mass consciousness.

Its good. Not creepy.

I am sure theres plenty of creepy cheese going on in the world, however, we do not subscribe or consent to that lower stuff and I only mean higher dimensional, pure Divine and Celestial Light stuff.

I just saw a seeming group of stars slowly transfigure...


No night vision just Melissa vision.

In my backyard.

I have seen a few naked eye sightings recently.

And a meteor coming into the atmosphere in a humongous fire ball like I have never seen before.

I heard it.


You know I look up constantly, all my life.

Remind me to post the Space Balls Extraterrestrial story.


We have been cleansing and wriggling out of some heavy programs, grasps, and designs, the generational DNA patterning of the old...

The state of the world and its systems are a direct result of these shifts and wriggles AND upliftment waves.

We still have support.

This is a light Universe.

These awakening times can be amazing.

For me its been touch and go in my transformations and processes and my Soul Flame song singing and dancing after so much dark stuff and self works.

Man that sucked some days.


I want a hug.

Right now.

A lullaby and hugs and hand holding.

I have a paw close by that may be willing to take me up on that.


Its been heavy and scary at times as well as wonderful and expanding in my heart and soul again.

I see that for others and that will continue.

Good awakening ascension work my people!

All of us have moments and distortions.

I have been asking for basic boundaries and privacy and freedom and for the love of snot...

For the last few years I have been watching people and their dark intentions and activities fall and fall and fall to be cleansed out of my wounded shadow parts.

I am realigning in wholeness, Home, my Sacred Union in me as I call it...

To the best of my ability as always.

Its heart happy to see that in others too.

I have seen miraculous and amazing turn arounds lately.

In my life and around me.

Have you?

You will in 2022 some.

I think something may be bumpy in January and it is Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde upcoming.

That just pushes and pulls at our energies and distortion in ways that awaken us.

The planetary alignments bring motion to our matrix inside and out. In certain frequencies.

Tables are turning.

I was trying to go to the movie theater yesterday and the distracting distortions blew in epic ways and more.

All week.


Changes are afoot or arising.

As above, so below...

I have missed my true loves and true friends, family, overworking and true path as I have been transitioning and transforming and healing.

I took a day or few off and enforced boundaries last year.

It helped me keep get better at my work and life and purposes and passions and alignment.

Turnarounds I tell you.


We all have to have time, healing, rest and realignments in these awakenings.

Or in general.

I have been working on opening up and aligning more.

Boundaries were a focus, as well as trusting and all kinds of things that will be in the continuing themes of this year for humanity.

Receiving love and connection and soul recognition is big in this process.

Can you feel love in the air, in our hearts, in our lives differently?

I see many of us on similar paths this year.

As timelines come together and we fall into Light and Divine Order, so do our destined paths.

It may be easier to help each other.

Around Thanksgiving...

I realized all my heart felt dreams came true over the years despite the very shanky, sneaky, calculated efforts, crime and programs coming at me and festering trauma.


And great!

It is still the illuminating and reckoning time to address things that were not dealt with in my opinion so...

It is pretty cool.

Cool to recognize my dreams coming true and the roots of distortion dissipating.

The dreams coming true...

They might be small stuff or not what I thought I was manifesting or working so hard toward but...


I looked up and noticed I had 3 living rooms.

One outside.

With fabulous, perfect pyramids.

How did that happen?

And I got to get back to work exactly how and what was meant for me not as I expected or wanted, but better more focused and balanced in what I choose and am best at in some ways.

I am thankful.

How about you?

To see things in the perspective of... One foot in 5D higher frequencies and one foot in the lower matrix old distorted stuff and realize that indeed we are coming Home.

(As in the higher vibes, New Earth matrix of pure Light, balancing Divine masculine snd feminine and such.)

I see more realizations for us all in 2022.

Whatever fits each of us.

Well, if we are coming out of the dark ages and we are...

It is or will be all worth it.

In the ascending, the old Akash or records, imprints and matrix will be cleared and no longer ours.

That was specifically taught to me years ago and continuing.

I am knowing that again.

We came here to write the new scripts and activate the new Earth energies, Christ energies. (I know I have been saying this for at least 15 years.) There is a higher vibrational Akash or Akashic Records or library of knowledge, information, books of life... That can not be affected or distorted by the lower 3rd and 4th dimension old school stuff. We can expect to learn more about that and new or activated soul contracts that are different than the old era ways too. Another phase of reset, rewritten, rebooted, restored, Heaven in Earth as above so below... To the way it was always meant to be. We will and have writtten the new songs, Psalms, our rock starseed songs for humanity as we come on Home in big ways this year. We will start seeing accumulated plans, goals, dreams coming true and cultivations of what we have worked hard for in many aspects, coming into our realities. Yes! That means Soul Flames and Families and Tribes or whatever our purposes and paths are meant to be. Re-writing and seeding and coding the new Golden Age with Light. Shine on.


We all have been on Divine missions and have purposes in our own ways in this world, and though all connected we are so unique and may not see things exactly the same.

Our uniqueness is so beautiful to me.

All of us.

I never resonated or caught on why anyone would judge or think less of or disrespect or degrade or bully or even try to lie, cheat, steal, scam or demonize others.

Its illogical and weak and...

Puppet, miniony.

There is plenty for all of us as well.

I feel us awakening a bit more to these things in the next year and beyond.

In all of us I see the bridges and true foundations of this world not the suffering foundations being obvious more and more.

Weird back to the beginning and back.

I lived through things nobody should live through, the last round, whoa.

The dots kept being connected and I will never forget the biggest dots connecting...

I never really spoke or was heard or even treated in humane ways in the midst and aftermaths of the things that I think nobody should or sometimes could live through that I apparently was good at.

Maybe I will touch on that subject in the book. The memoirs.

Or do you want me to share on video series or podcast series...

What its like to be kidnapped or hunted like prey, targeted in your homie home hoe down origins?

People ask or laugh st me a lot about it.

Or be amongst the last person to see someone alive before they got murdered (which happened twice to me).

Or to work with police and families helping those who have no voice.

Or what its like seeing dead people and Divine beings and Star Beings your whole life and see everything energetically.

And how you can receive your spiritual abilities and gifts and super powers?

And how I learned the hard way in plenty of things so dont try to be me or anyone else but you... you, your precious child of God self, in your own lane please.

Or how Twin Soul Flames/ Mates Counterparts and Tribes ascension things works and what it means?


How we sing our rock starseed soul songs and be who we came here to be?

The last years and lifetimes well...

It did make me awaken again more and a zillion times better at my assistance in healing and helping others in their ascension awakenings part of my work and life calling.

It was so deep in the last years, it was beyond my comprehension.

I know many of us are on that path.

I bet we all are in whatever ways are best for us, this year.


No one can replace you, your frequency, the Light, your true Divine Counterparts and mates or your destiny.

(No one can replace any of us, our Light.)

What is meant for you is yours, and will come to fruition and realization.

One of these days.

We are getting ready to see the light switch come on and the upside down, become as above so below in a lot of ways this year.

You are loved.

You are never alone.

Remember the innocent guy that was set up and the scape goat...

In Shawshank?

The Tim Robbins character in Shawshank Redemption dug every night for years to not only survive but to escape the falsified blames and executions of unspeakable evil and betrayal upon him, his name, his life, his life plan and work, his home and his soul?

He dug himself out by being his Divine true genuine self, out of unfair bondage and grasps of false people and false systems.

Yes he pulled himself out of the lower inverted devil matrix and...

Hold on Morgan Freeman...

And hold on to our Soul Tribes, families, children, Twins and mates...

We are coming Home....

WE WILL CATCH UP with each other in the 5D and this year in the physical world more and more.

Hold on Morgan Freeman, we will catch up with you soon.

Send me post cards.

You know I love the patterns and signs everywhere.

In songs and movies.

Shawshank is classic.

I have to mention the energy consciousness awakenings.

That was Tim Robbins and Morgan Freemans characters ascent out of the lower bondage inverted matrix.

It is a spiritual war time, upon all circumstances and levels of life around here, however...

It was only the designs of the lower booty nootle devil matrix and there is no need to fight or go against others that are gunning or fighting or violating or conspiring against you.

We are and will rise out of those layers and grasps.

Also, isnt it more interesting to anyone if we are having more disclosure and awareness of so much cool GOOD stuff?

Every era of course has an influx, a revolution, a one small step for man and woman, one giant leap for human kind...

Since Morgan Freeman is also known as God or at least the old wise soul...

In a movie or two...

Ill just shout out to Mr Freeman again...

Catching up up up.

We are all clearing away the darkness and pulling up into the Cosmos of Light so hold on, hold the door open Morgan Freeman...

We will catch up with you this year in Unity and Mastery and Awakening.

We are being coded and re-seeded with higher love and higher frequencies this year as we do in era changes.

It is nice to look back and to get to go have fun and go to work and sing and go for adventures again, in this last year of freedom uprising consciousness, healing and the next steps in my Sacred Union awakenings and ascension.

What a transformation time it is and has been.

The Universe is transforming like never before.

Getting us all in perfect order.

If you feel drawn or divinely guided to anything, anyone, any places or ideas...

Reach out, even if its scary...

Its probably God talking to you.

Universe is talking to you.

Or Morgan Freemans Divine higher self.

We can continue hold the light and be the Light, who we came here to be and enjoy this beautiful world we share.

Shall I break out into song...

Pink Floyd song?

I think so....

Shine on you crazy Diamonds.

You have been buried long enough and its time for your million years of becoming a Diamond to shine.

This year might be fun creating and manifesting and truly enjoying each other and enjoying each others soul songs and shine.

Shine on.

Your light is known, well known, famous even, all through the heavens.

Just for being you.

You are loved beyond measure.

Have a great week and fresh starts, a blessed year, new foundations.

Cheer and Magical grooviness to the New Year of Truth and Freedom, Justness and Wholeness.

And Fun!

Hold on Morgan Freeman, we will catch up and Shine on with you.


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