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May 555 Energy Update

Welcome May!

Pink Full Moon in Scorpio - New Moon in Taurus

5-5-5 change gateway to higher frequencies in

Taurus season!!!

Happy Birthday Taurus!

Powerful illuminating energies and manifestation times.

Massive change.

Faithful, deep, knowing emotions, resolution and healing.

Connection and Synergy.

Falling in love with life...

New chapters, way new perspectives and finding ourselves on the same page finally, with surprising changes.

Deep destiny, HOME heart alignment.

May is going to be awesome and change us.

Another layer of completion and mass consciousness clearing that is intense and focused on the deepest blocks, fear and traumas in us all...



That can bring us face to face with our destinies and our passions and true love inside of us, in surprising ways.

Another layer.

Things that were fear based, projected or again, embedded in us through trauma, trickery, theft, secrets and cheating and deceit or suffering may surface more, in possibly gross and uncomfortable ways....

It is clearing from consciousness in all of us, in some big layers.

This process have been challenging for all of us.

And good.

I am seeing another serious level of darkness and corruption energy, that looks like a knot, with octopus legs and vines tying us up, it consists of whatever or whomever wants or purposefully causes others suffering.

It is in us and in our world energies...

The higher templates are being solidified, stabilized, so it will be known and seen in our lives more and more. The lower, hurtful energies do not belong and we will no longer be available for the distortions and darkness ick that have been the norm for a long time.

The divine is finally illuminating and correcting a large layer of heaviness, that we did not put much effort into healing.

We are continuing to clear and heal from generational and DNA patterning, impressions, curses, as well as projections in our soul and spirit and physical forms so we can reset, clear, recover and heal into our creation and co-creation mode and rewrite our scripts and frequencies.

Remember this can be generational and moleculular structures and in the form and hearts of humanity, the collective, not just me or you.

Lots of energetic things going on.

May will unfold for us some big changes and open our eyes in ways and in things, that we can never unsee or go backward in again.

And that is good for all.

Thank God.

Its a layer of dead weight going, going, going...



Mostly in the collective but...

In readings and all layers of society and humanity I am seeing layers go...


All of us, in a lot of ways.

So, if its a weirdly uncomfortable, disappointing and tough vibe on the empaths and starseeds and nice and good people with honor and dignity and light...

Even if you dont know why...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Theres a spark, a lightning bolt, a breaking on through to the next level and completions of grody awful cycles that is transforming into...

















Better than expected

Favorable outcomes

More Fun

Wish upon the stars

Win, win for all


All kinds of good....

As we can come from love it nurtures us.

Maybe talk to God and hold what you want in your heart...



Hold the Light.

Hold on.

Wait for it... to unfold in your physical lives in the next days and weeks and months.

And rest if you need to.

Rest if you need rest.

I had to take my days off and just not talk to anyone.

I think there are a few very, angry birds that I am not at their beck and call and submitting to their control and chaos.

So I literally have learned to take a day off here and there and hide phones from myself.

I am innundated and overwhelmed in daily life with too much going on and exhausting so I am learning.

Please, get rest if you are feeling the need or desire, even if others try to harrass you or distract.

Any being on the planet, you, me, your brother, friends, painters, healers, criminals, people that fix cars, people in Greece, shrubbers...


The ones that love you and respect you, help you honor you and are Home with you/for you, your people that have compassion and your boundaries.

People who are Home to you.

Your soul connections, the karmics, the horses and the dogs, the skies, the beaches and birds and the trees, the beautiful new babies and the beautiful older peoples that paved our ways and the sunflowers and those in service to others...

All of the planetary beings...

All of us need some restful times to be ok, home inside, restored and renewal time.

I think this might be important in May.

It seems its only humans...

Or maybe me.

That do not catch on to this or many other things as easily as we could...



So throw that phone out of the way, even if others try to interfere or do not understand you or want you to rest, or get real mad they are not able to harrass you or deplete you any time they want.

Distraction to distort...

And do something for yourself and sit down, touch the earth and rest if you need to.





Feel, breathe in...

the higher frequencies replenishing you and the old heavy ick dissipating...

Going, going, going....

You are most important and you can trust yourself inside and have some restoration in all levels of you.

Im going to. I do not know where Ill end up but...

Im taking my tiny bit of time for myself.


Your service and integrity has been noticed if not in the physical, your divinity and truth has been seen by the Universe, by Source.

Breathe in that true divine breath and please...

Keep writing and creating your scripts, arts, dance, musics, wholeness, happiness, nourishment, resting, praying and all that you share with the world...

Thank you!

Good job Divine Humans!

You are blessed.

You are coming Home in these months and times ahead and we are growing together in our profound changes and expansion.

I cannot stress enough, when you stay in your heart, have integrity, love and know YOU...

You can see and live through this ascension, and be ready to flow and follow your divine plans and purposes.

As well as align with your heart, your purposes, yours....


We will step forward in this energy, the balancing and connecting and comfort or at least learning how to be to be ourselves, love ourselves more fully.

And learning how to love each other in the next years.

Especially in May.

There is a soul calling that is pulling us to each other and our Homes here on earth that support Home inside.

I believe in love and soul connection, recognition, closure from being treated badly, past cycles or hurts in these times, May is powerful.

God will show us extra this month and lead you to your doorway of freedom and soul connection.

Listen to your hearts, your soul light and wish upon the stars starseeds.

The universe is listening, the universe is not judging you and God will not leave you behind in trauma or with people that do not honor you or your beautiful light and life.

The universe loves you and has got your back, front, above and below....

You may feel and experience this in new ways in May and beyond.

It could get our attention.

If you know yourself and your people know themselves...

You can walk through the good and bad days, be grounded more than most and be happier more than most and continue on this life journey with others in the upcoming months and years.

You might be surprised.

It starts with ourselves.

You might be reconciling and reconstructing yourself and with others now.

Especially after this big, big, big wave of illumination and change this month.

I know all of us are different frequencies but I celebrate you all, the good, the light parts. Your uniqueness and your journeys and your views.

Its up to all of us to make things right and retune, bridge the gaps.

I do not know how everyone else is supposed to do it, none of us and none of our human lives or perceptions are the same, but in spirit we are.

And the Divine Feminines are the Gateways and Gatekeepers, Code, Contract and Script carriers and writers of the real garden of Eden that is our new era, the higher realms.

Many levels.

So we are clearing the way...

Inside and out.

And dancing in creation with the Light!

Especially in May.

Its a great time to ask for what you want.

Ask for your deepest and most heart felt wants and needs.

This season is Earth and solid.


This energy is great for manifesting and receiving.

2021 is the big illumination time and big clearing times, the divine counteracting and pulling the Light, the children of God up, up, up in consciousness and life.

Wait for it....

I see so many people finding love, homes, succeses, happiness, fulfillment, purpose, healing and their light in themselves, the true light and divinity inside, and their lives and circumstances in layers as the balancing and clearing continue....

Holy smooch o rama.

Changes unfolding.

This May energy and wave, can assist us in our transformations and see it in the 3D.

God is literally chatting with us all in unmistakable ways.

I can feel the cosmic divine pull more than ever and there are many factors going on energetically for us.

I think we will SEE the meek actually inheriting the earth in this 2021 remaining year.

As well as in the next few years.


Awakening and Inner Calling...


Surprise Blessings....

Welcome May!

Have a wonderful spring and Taurus Season!!!

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