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The energy is intense in October 2018.

Balancing and transmuting going on. Maybe people could be seeing or feeling extra right now. Gifts and abilities are amped up. Telepathic moments going on. Veil is thin. Empathic folk are extra sensitive. Distorted issues are clearly being seen and so forth....

Seems to be earlier this year than usual, so I would expect it to continue. The energies. Magnetic excitement. Most likely a little intense here and there.

I've noticed that there may be some extra misunderstandings or old patterns coming up to be mended here and there.... For all people, so perhaps thinking about ourselves and not telling people what you think they should be or do say etc would be wise. And perhaps... A little consideration and kindness could be positive for all. Acknowledgement and encouragement makes a lot of difference instead of correcting and judging. Including ourselves.

Being really kind and compassionate to ourselves and others is key. Maybe there is extra love and connection and support and loving, good communication going on too.

Everybody I know is consciously doing their best to serve the highest good. (Kind and honest and generous service to all people.) Which is pretty cool.

I get made fun of sometimes but, not too often. And really, I get to live in the grooviest of atmospheres and meet some of the most glorious and amazing people ever across the land. So if we get made fun of, we probably are not so hurt about it around Sedona and in our soul tribe groups.

(On that note, we saw most bizarre configurations being formed in the sky on our sky watch, groovy galaxy ufo tours this week. It was unmistakable. One of the participants said, hey *_$#^; are you going to tell everyone at work next week you saw unidentifed and strange movement and lots of stuff going on in the sky when you were in Sedona? To one of the sky watchers as we were looking through the night vision goggles.

They said, No. Nope. Huh uh. I said, dont worry, I'll tell about it. I'm one of the least strange sounding people around here. We all know of much activity in the skies here in Arizona. Might as well make life interesting and fun. Giggling to myself.)

I'd still rather be gossiped about or worse.... Or taken advantage of than become the ugliness and degradation and power struggle that seems rampant in the crumbling old patterns of the world. Balancing is occurring.

Today I found the guys who were towing and fixing my car quite pleasant and honest. Helpful. Refreshing. And they made me laugh which I needed desperately. I'm barely functioning at this point. I might need chicken and dumplings and a 15 hour nap. And a hug. And another hug. And a bath.

Thank you travel trip friends for checking on times and dates for Oklahoma and Kansas areas. I still have yet to piece together a smooth schedule for the cities, but I have been working on it as much and as fervently as I can.

Although I'm behind a day or so, we can always do a Skype or telephone appointment Wednesday through Sunday if I have it scheduled during regular hours. Easy to schedule.

And, thank you assistant applicants!

Peace waves. Peace. Peace. Peace.

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