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Welcome October.....

Welcome October Energies.....

Welcome last part of the year of awakenings themed freedom...

Welcome Autumn new beginnings....

Welcome Soul Tribes!!!!!!!!!

October is one of my favorite times of the year. 

As the seasons change and the air smells good, earthy and we look forward to the upcoming holidays with family and friends.

Its always been a time of huge energy movement where the veil becomes thinner and thinner into the new year. 

Plus, its cooler outside and fun and pretty. 

Right now I have had quite a strong sense of poles and magnetics and incoming light touching us and our planet.

The last time it was intense like this, the poles and magnetics shifting like this to me was 2009. 


Lots of downloads, synchronicities and recognitions of a lot of good. 

Lots of movement. 

A lot of boundaries, balance and self love and awareness works inside and out. 

I have been absolutely blown away by the amazing awakenings and healings and growth and lives unfolding and new stronger connections and abilities in the friends and clients and family around me....

The Psychic Medium Readings and Past Life Regressions and Spiritual Spa days and the Ionized Foot Baths and Frequency Shamanic Practices and the Spiritual Engineeeing Energy Matrix clearing and breakthroughs and family lines and karmic cycles completing...

Oh my goodness....


The synchronicities and soul mate true loves and twin flames and.... 

Divine Timing....

(A lot of people are going to meet or come together in their soul mate or twin flame or starseed relationships. Im feeling a big surge in this.)

Joyous! (Yellow frequency, ray and tones)

Over these last months and weeks and even years is beyond my expectations and I AM very excited, celebratory. 

There has been a lot of progress and now, its in motion more than ever....

Which leads us to: 

The clarity and knowing of how to connect and BE in the flow of the new era. 

How to manifest and create. 

Releasing yet again the old, stepping into the new. 

Into who we really are. 

Divine purposes and plans. 





I AM also seeing in myself and in others the awareness of awakening and ascending. 


Change and growth. 

Self love.


Last year about this time I thought I was probably going to die.

My health was in severe states and to me and it was like I was thrown in the collosseum.....

with dozens of little chucky dolls 

and dozens of big bobble head Jefferey Epsteins 

and worse and even a few possessed chihuahuas and some big Donkey Kong (from the 80s) characters gone wrong....

While the bobbles and Chucky dolls and....  beavis and buttheads and chihuahuas peeing and nomming and little sandwiches with legs were running around with banners on marked SCAM SANDWICH.... 

It goes on....

With written flying energy saying....

All kinds of heinous stuff. 

Like words and phrases describing what is involved and mixed in the energies. 

Very rude. 

(Since like 1992 or so.... 

I asked God to let me see in writing, in english, the vile lower programs, 

as well as just literally what was in the energy and beliefs and attachments and judgements and wounds and blessings around me when working or needed.

Those who are coming into their divinity and natural gifts and spiritual abilities more and more might want to just try asking for that. And if you dont SEE it, what would it say if you could see it?)

There is no limit to God answering us. 

There is no limit to divine goodness and support and guidance and highest good. 

You want to imagine yourself beaming with light and happiness and balance and harmony? 

Im going to. 


Thats what it was like some days. 

Im not even exaggerating. 

Being in a big Coliseum....

with the words and bobbles and scam sandwiches and chucky dolls running and screaming round and round at me....

Especially when I've been deathly ill or overworked or dealing with others gossippy ruinous intentions and abuses, the never ending psychopathy of a few and bullying and stealing and gaslighting and ignorant judgements and meddling and excuses and manipulations....

Lots of medical.

And tragedy. 

Round and round in the Coliseum. 




Lots of lessons! 

(Often enough I had some awareness of not only my divine blueprints and plans or why my particular life path had been hard with a resurfacing of some of my shadow or wounding but creation or co-creation and what was happening in the ascension or journey into Heaven in Earth, changes. 

Often enough I couldnt see for myself at all.)

And mostly, truly walking in my own path and healing and learning and clearing/transmuting and rebuilding and awakenings....

My self work. 

And my lifetime career work too. 

So I sat down and watched. 

And learned the best I knew how. 

I believe all of us in service, 

that have love and light and goodness to share as well as some extra tough purposes or jobs in this life. 

Some have had some extreme interferences or narcissism or illness or crime or bullying or some vile interferences and distortions and soul contracts to transmute in the collective as we complete the cycles and the rest of this year and upcoming. 

Which is fabulous but not always easy or fun lessons for any of us. 

That means you and me and.... 

Yah. Some of the most eeky and creepy creepsters (and circumstances) we have crossed paths with. 



we can ask our guardian angels and archangels to cut the cords and help us release everything that isnt ours in our energies, the old patterns and beliefs, people, attachments, others energies and projections, fear, wounds and suffering and losses and soul contracts...  

everything that we can release and be free from that no longer serves the highest good. In every level and way and time line and layer....

And we ask that it goes straight to the hands of God, the central sun to be transmuted and healed and dealt with as seen fit...

And that we are all aligned and realigned and held in our divinity, highest good, our higher selves as well as the new earth higher frequencies. 

Thank you! 

We are all going through this together. 

You are valuable and loved and appreciated.

You belong. 

You are worthy. 

So, welcome October....

Talk about signs. 

And boundaries. 

I had a flu bug or virus and a lot of extra happenings going on this last week and having to look into legal actions, so I am slow on being able to schedule and return calls and restructure things. 

As well as look at the frequency of my health and old belief systems and rest and such. 

I think its good. 

I am feeling better and better. 

And I had tissues everywhere so I got to watch a lot of my show I've been watching. 

Masterpiece Theater you know. 

I turned on the TV that was paused from yesterday...

The actors said....

"He is not a vengeful man. 

He does not hold in his heart interference from those who meddle and think they know better. 

How different might so many lives have been without so much interference. 

Let us vow in the future to let nature take its course."

Cool huh? 

I second that. 

Welcome October and New uplifted goodness. 

October..... love and creativity and ease and fun and abundance and connection and hope and unmistakeable signs and laughter and...

Whatever your highest good may be blessings to everyone, everywhere. 

Thank you, 


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