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Rebirth or Reverb?

Rebirth or Reverb?

I almost want to call it reverb.

Not rebirth times.

You know when the guitar distorts or the microphones or phones have jarring squeals and sounds?

Perhaps I am a bit bitter and jaded here and there.


Im shocked and annoyed Im still alive sometimes.

I have my moments.


It feels like loud reverb instead of rebirth. However in my long and drawn out spiritual path...

A lot of those rebirths had some serious reverb.

And cool rebirth results.


It seems like almost everyone is in that reverb vibe, where Im seeing in me, friends, clients, random people, circumstances...


I burned the cinnamon roll comfort food I cooked tonight for desert before bed.

I mean burned.


No desert.

I was just talking away and bouncing around since Im not in medical pain anymore...

Breaking into song...

Trying to evade my own sadness and scared of the good stuff and how much effort it will take and scared of receiving...

Not understanding ..

how to change my perception to learn how to receive and be loved and shine and be myself without dulling my light and knowledge and living in others oppressive stories for myself.

And chunking the jerk burgers to the central sun that never respect my boundaries no matter how much I enforce them or not...

And wondering how Ill pay for...

On and on with happy, bouncy, breaking into song and smooching an unwilling cat or person...

Forgetting to smooch myself...

My reverb burned my biscuits!


Go figure.


I do things like that anyway,

burn cinnamon rolls and sidetrack myself some but, things like our deepest fears and addictions and wounds and traumas and control and denials are surfacing like reverb so we can...

Be illuminated and restored and realigned and...


In consciousness, our mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and all layers of us and this world are in motion in that illumination to...

Rebirth energy.

Some identifiable distortions that are surfacing that I am seeing are things like:



Old outdated views

Things we thought were balanced but were not


Feeling small or unworthy





Responsibility and Accountability

Betrayals and Hurt







Things we run from like love or issues or people that we love or dont know how to rectify...

That rectifying or course correction keeps coming up in my communication with my divine teams.




Divine Order.

They, the celestials, say a layer of some of the deepest stuff that hurts will be clearing and it might feel like reverb or bandaids being ripped off that sting but it is truly, to align us all back together in divine order and rebirthing us.

Feet planted and new foundations and clarity and direction.

Real healing in relationships and family and soul connections.

Blooming life paths and purposes.

Home. Finding Home. Recognizing Home.

All kinds of things.

Its a good rebirth.

So they indicate.

I was driving home after work and down my street you can see Thunder Mountain and just stunning energy and beauty.


I never get tired of it.

There were 2 crows sitting there staring at me in unison so...

the animal, elemental kingdom and Mother Earth consciousness was talking to me with that Sacred Divine Counterpart Union, Twin Flame, Soul stuff is harrassing me.



Must my twin flame soul journey on top of tough ascension get more painful or cruel or interfered with by uninvited nootles or hard?


Oh my thunder mountain, Ill have to tell about the romantic vacay at the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel that changed my life forever but was in no way romantic and I almost had to beat a guy up defending myself. Grotisserie.

That wasnt the life changing part but dramatic and gross reverb, that clearly and obviously was a rebirth, crack in the matrix that changed my life.

Ill never be the same.

I am kind of firey anyway, but for the love of crispy inedible cinnamon rolls and Erik the Sheriff, hearing my person from 5D for decades and even recently...

I have been not hopeful, for a long time on it for myself.

Plus thinking...

this twin flame stuff is not my favorite subject, why is it part of my divinely guided job title and who thought this up for me?


In unison?

Right now in my reverance and gratitude of the beauty I get to breathe in each day???


I did get a crow message. They were pretty good messengers and kind of direct.

I like the animal, elemental, earth part and for 6 months those layers of consciousness have been extra prominent and Im happy about that but sheesh, you should have heard the Sacred Union journey God sent song today.


It was indicating brand new rebirth though!

The reverb will turn into the rebirth and in that freedom and higher love, not nessicarily romantic but the rebirth for us all.... Good.

Good times.

The hard parts are likely temporary and we all have plenty of distortion to clear to see the way, to forge ahead.

So just know you are supported and loved and your work and intentions and efforts are noticed by the Universe and this rebirth wave will be good and be worth it.

You are worth it.

Thank you for being you love beings.

A nod to all on our rebirth, riding this wave vibe!

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