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Sacred Unions

Talk about Twin Flames and Sedona Sacred Union -

I got to do quite a few Twin Flame Readings in the last month.

It is also heart warming and fun for me to be back in my office in Arizona where I resonate and belong and get to be organized and do my work, even if its via phones and Zoom with awesome people, twin flames and soul tribe from all over the world.

I am delighted to see so much change and expansion in the last year, for so many of us on the ascension Twin Flame journey.

Truly, the Twin Flame journey IS THE awakening and ascension. For all of us.

Thank you Light Beings! I honor your paths.

Even though it has been a really hard and tumultuous road for most, and there has been so much spiritual warfare, meddling and interference for everyone on the planet, the Divine Counterparts have seemingly had it the toughest.

The crumbling darkness just doesn't want to see any of the Light come Home and into freedom. Especially ascended or into Union where we are meant to be and are creating so much good that will pull all of us out of bondage and into a state of Peace and Wholeness and Love and Abundance and Balance and Happiness like we have never known.

It has been so fun to see the changes and growth in people that are bringing these Divine Unions and our soul mates and families and tribes together, as well as see many people realize their purposes and fulfillments of dreams. Or at least inklings and inspirations of the Unions, fulfillment, purposes and dreams come true.

I have always had a lot of downloads about Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Soul Connections and the Awakenings and this Ascension time but now, I am seeing it come together, us come together and having knowing of so much more understanding, healing and Union to come.

I wrote an article this week after so many Twin Flame readings....

I thought I would share it for the Divine Counterparts.

And as always, my recommendation is: If you know your Divine Counterpart or your soul mates and families, give them a text or a call to let them know you care and are working on yourself.

Or if you don't know who your person is yet it if its not time for your Union, maybe send out a hug and a message in the 5D/spirit.



Twin Flame Sacred Unions -

Honey!!!! Im HOME!

The tables have turned....

Everything has changed in the Twin Flame, Divine Feminine/Masculine Counterpart Sacred Union arena.

The Divine has Intervened. Expect miracles.

Over the last year or decade and longer, those of us who walk the twin flame path have experienced a lot of adjustments, shake ups and challenges, heartbreak and grief as we have been processing the distortions and shadows of the masculine and feminine consciousness.

To put it sweetly and nicely.

Its one of the main purposes of being a twin flame. The balancing.


The people on the Sacred Union path have been way showers, sometimes in leadership roles, guiding others in stepping forward into the increasingly higher frequencies of the Age of Aquarius, new earth.

We have ALL been releasing old cycles, attachments, people that dont love us and soul contracts. Ugh again.

Then we are here to realign with our higest good and our divine bluprints, soul families and tribes, and of course our Divine Counterparts. Even if it is not visible or detectible yet.

In essence, by clearing and healing ourselves in every aspect, timeline, layer, paradigm and in every way.... of the old dark ages, lower energy matrix, WE have done the bridgework and are building the light paradigms, architectures, scripts and overall, the new heaven in earth, as above so below as it is and was meant to be Home matrix or New Earth.

The merging of 5D with 3D. In Union.

Good job everybody. Really good job.

All of us have so many varying jobs, purposes and missions in these awakening times. None of us can be fully aware or comprehend each others paths and what we are here for but I AM recognizing great strength and fulfillment, as well as connection and support with each other across the globe and universe.

Its like we are all holding hands and in union across the planet and into the multiverses.

Thank you soul tribes and families. Thank you Love Beings, Light Beings, Divine Warriors of Light, Starseeds, Indigos, Crystallines, Rainbows, Way Showers, Divine Masculines, Divine Feminines, Mirror Souls, Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

(That should cover it, but if I neglected to mention anyone or any aspect of us, I thank you and add us in too.)

I AM celebrating each and every one of us.

In the twin flame community, we might not be able to see it fully yet, but we are coming into Union as it was written and as we have known was coming in this ascension process.

We have known inside throughout this life and possibly others.

We can start to trust that again and clear our paths to each other and with each other.

2020 in particular was an unwinding time of the imbalanced and outdated.

We will still be cleansing and balancing upcoming but this was the big purge.

The tables have turned. Even the Twin Flame Journey will feel different.

Everything is different.

It will take us a moment to adjust and build in ways that are for the highest good of all. That helps us all come into union and helps humanity come Home, become One, in Union inside and out.

2021 will propel us forward with many unmistakeable changes and shifts.

We can all expect surprises and miraculous occurrences. Or currents.

(As in, we are being swept into our perfect flow and in alignment with our sacred truth. The current or frequency that we are is going to be more obvious and attainable as we walk forward in the new year and into the next cycles.)

We will continue to cleanse, heal and balance ourselves, uplifting consciousness and this world.

We will finally begin to see some results that have felt long overdue and often blocked or sideswiped in this spiritual war and in ascending times.

Many of us can feel the merging of our hearts and souls with our Sacred Counterparts. Can you feel the pull?

Even if you do not know who your Counterpart is but know there is a divinely appointed person for you?

Or if it seems beyond hopeless or abandoned or used and your true mate can never return, there is much going on that we cannot see or sense sometimes.

Watch as it unfolds and clarity comes.

Letting go was horrible and painful but we have all done so well.

The Divine has stepped in for us all. You know by letting go we allowed the co-dependence, the unrequited loves, shadows and suffering in ourselves and each other to be dissipated so we can be aligned with our sacred twin soul mate counterparts and our destinies in ways we cannot yet see or comprehend yet.

Im telling you, the tables have turned and the Divine is taking care of us.

If you have felt disconnected from your senses or your Sacred Union Twin Flame Partner, it could be due to the realignments and adjustments going on.

Its similar to if we had surgery and are just waking up after the procedure and coming out of ansthesia fog and shock.

So we are coming to our senses, opening our eyes in new perspectives and in the first hours of healing.

We can expect our senses, superpowers and connections to become more clear and better than ever in the days ahead.

It just takes us a moment to adjust and realign. We are stronger and our Union connections are also stronger, we are merging, coming Home in each other.

You will be having some kind of awareness or inspiration as to what kind of purposes snd missions and co-creative ventures you will be involved in with your soul families and tribes and especially your twin flames in the next cycles days ahead.

That too will come back online and be more palpable in the next days.

We might not know the big picture but we can know that we know and are on the right path now.

Trust is needed now.

Many of the counterparts are stepping forward and starting to build that true foundation and open the doors to destiny and their highest potentials in their missons and purposes before Union and before their person chooses them back.

This is perfect, just right.

Expect Miracles and Changes.

The changes balancing will continue to unfold in the 3D and we will find our Divine Partners and Unions in ways and on emotional and physical levels we cannot yet imagine in the months ahead.

Lets leave the Light on for our Twin Flames and each other.

I ask for anyone that wants it.... that anything not of the highest good or not in the highest good timeline be cleared away now, permanently...

And our hearts and souls and paths be aligned now in pure divine light and love.

Lets hold the Light now together....

In our world, lives, homes, circumstances and especially our Sacred Unions inside of ourselves and with our person we hold the frequencies of....

Pure Divine... Higher Love Laughter Joy Freedom Fulfillment Abundance Truth Balance Pure Light Companionship Comfort Support Ease Safety Integrity Adoration Encouragement Peace Wholeness Beauty Clean Lovely Harmony Richness Restoration Rest Light And all that is for the highest good.

Welcome Home Twin Flames! Happy Holidays, New Year and Blessings to All Sacred Unions. 💗💗

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