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Welcome September! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Speaking of Labor!

I got off work last night at 10:30 or so... Long day. Thats 12 hours for me. Talk about labor.

I had to cancel my Los Angeles trip and I'm actually back at work early. I'm sad about it. I wanted to do my California trip and I was going to get to see a couple of our school mates that I love. It's been shuffled and muffled some in the last months.

I'm sad about the loss of my friend too. That's been very painful to me. Thanks for so many prayers and love in July and August for my loss time. And my family friends.

Being a clear medium for so many years is kind of nice in times of grief. I have felt her so strongly. I'm thankful.

It was a fun long day though. My last appointment was Skype with a client in South Africa. My first one today was Canada.

I'm multidimensional and international and a fantastic multitasker as I have learned recently. Hahaaaaaaa!!!!!!

The best clients. I Have the best clients. I loved every breath, being able to share with them and everybody (mostly) over the last years.

I love my job. I mean I love my life work. I love growing and getting better at what I do too.

I was singing in the shower a couple of days ago before work..... Freedom!!! Freedom!!!!! A little George Michael's tunes from back in the day. Singing and saying little prayers, having the time of my life...

I did about knock myself out with a giant shampoo bottle and I do have an inflatable purple alien in there with me. I live in a tiny house. And hes, you know, waterproof.

Shane. My inflatable alien. I work with star councils and angels so thats not a stretch for me but it is kind of.... Peculiar. He used to be on my balcony on the 29th floor in the Oklahoma place. We talked to Shane all the time in those days.

I was singing with Shane, the purple inanimate alien in my shower yesterday....

Celebrating and sending joy vibes first thing in the morning. For my friend who I've worked with for years... She had the biggest breakthrough and boldly gave up her career with tough, tough circumstances that were not hers, impinging on her negatively, to just change her whole life and go for it. Go for the good and help humanity. I've got to celebrate her. Amazing sunshine person. God always makes a way. Freedom!!

Freedom is the September theme.

I have wanted to shift my work and be able to share what I love and know the most about in the world, along with my personal awakenings and learning and shifting. I've got lots of good to share. Differently. And better!

My usual ease and just fixing things miraculously has been slightly stalled in some instances in this arena. I noticed im not the only one.

I am not kidding, it was like I had cement blocks on trying to just delegate... what I cant keep up with that others are great at.... having messages and texts and emails and calls returned and people scheduled. Paying bills. And me get paid. For this intricate work I do. I cannot do appointments if I am not at my best and in full integrity.

The actual scheduling and being in order is not so hard... It takes 54 seconds tops. But its overwhelming and you do have to know time zones and remember to eat that day and such. What? As if you dont have some ADHD going on?

Plus, some of my people and my technology have been so ridiculous in these last 2 years I think often on purpose, throwing in serious blocks and weaving unpleasantness. No thank you. I do enough to resist and block my self!!

I'd really like my sister to fix this but she has had to fix 400 other things and I keep hiring people so maybe I'm cranky and not helping myself well.

I do not consent to any creepy, stuck to possessed computers and possessed mind nomming technology or people. That's just in no way my script.

(Weve all been purging lots of our "old baggage and life pieces huh? Good, good purging. We are loved and supported and this is good.)

I'm so aware of creepy occurrances. Things we often just think of as normal, pretty much killing us all or really harming our systems. I swear half or more of what we all think we know or is right is not right or even logical. Fear is not normal. War, unjustness, hate. Not normal. Pills that hurt us and make us forget what's going on. No! Politics, not normal. Unhealthy everything is not ok. Phones that decrease our intelligence, eyesight and seprate us from each other or invisible mind control is really not normal. Killing and psychopathy and apathy and greed.... Not normal. Going against each other is dark and not what we came here for.

I call for transmutation and dissolution of the dark ick and for Freedom. We have labored enough.

Technology has been.... Well technology has been so much of a *:$#^&*^&:,&**,$$#=" that I did finally throw a non working computer out, done, finished and a few people that just had no positive agendas toward me. So that's groovy.

I really, really, really wanted to throw all other technology away and go off grid and get a tan and a nap. And laugh. Go for a walk. Grill some snacks. And hang out with the dog. In pyramids and sing and.... My groovy, fun list is long.

Also, I think people owe me 3 months worth of my average income. Of work I've done.

I couldn't keep up and there were so many willing to take advantage. I literally couldn't do anymore. So change was inevitable. My new balance was inevitable. Groovy again. I'm learning the hard way some days.

I found that I get more done than most and I'm doing just fine looking at myself and doing my best for me and others.

All of us in service look inside at ourselves for our entire lives. Of course. But sheesh mc sneesh the world is moving right along in these ascending/evolution times so recalibrating to each shift takes some focus. Healing millennia of suffering and grotesque injustice and imbalance takes some hugs. In these eclipses and energy shifts.

Mostly I love this time of year. I love the energies. August and the eclipses. It can be intense. I can be intense. But I am my happy, enjoying the ride self still.

Um. There's a paypal button on my webpage.

Everybody has moments. We were all in chaos some days. And wounded and behind. I'm griping at noticing there's a few who try to literally take and are self centered and take advantage of folks. Rude! Mostly, most people are extremely responsible and honest and have been patient with me as well as pay what they owe.

But, there's a new sheriff in town. I really wish it was Eric the sheriff, becayse I'd have that guy over any day... but it's me. The new sheriff. So, for the love of nachos and Eric the sheriff.... Let's rise up together.

And take responsibility for ourselves.

I'm all about that higher frequency.

So, I'm working labor day weekend. I always work holidays for 30 years. I'm in no way complaining. I'm open Saturday and Sunday. I think Sedona will be extra gorgeous. Perfect temperature too.

However, technology is now worse than ever and I know there are 100 kind and understanding people, that have been waiting for their appointments. I have 67 unlooked at texts on one phone and my other phone 54.

And I'll love a reminder from anyone still interested in your readings or past life regressions and such. Unless you are an out of control rude crab basket. Then the new sheriff Melissa says no thanks.

And I am still overwhelmed at not having that phone/scheduling thing move forward at all. I do have new help!!! Thank you Dena.

And.... So, My apologies. I have the same numbers and same emails and same everything for years.

And everything is drastically getting in order now just differently than expected so... My complaining is diffusing.

It was a long day though.

Then I thought to myself as I drove home in the pitch black night, after the 12 hour day.... Melissa, you work 7 days a week and have had no time for yourself or boyfriends or much for 25 years. I have missed a lot of connection and ability to have regular stability and such in my life. Some family important things. And had a strange trauma go of it some years.

Its labor day weekend? Who knew?

And.... That led me to a refreshed look and perception and....

Noticing its September. As well as a holiday that we can celebrate how hard weve worked and well we have done. Welcome new days and soul tribe and stronger vibes and love!

Freedom themes. Let's free ourselves and come together with our true friends and loved ones and creativity.... And make this world better, kinder, more safe, more free, more fun, and cleaner this month.

Happy freedom labor day blessings. Good work everybody!

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