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Snowflakes and Divine Blueprints


The most beautiful large snowflakes are falling gracefully tonight.

You know when you see the molecular structure of water that are immersed in the certain frequencies or words or emotion that look like snowflakes?


Sand forms into geometrical precise sacred formations according to the frequencies too. In a more visible dense way.

Dr. Masaru Emoto brought us propelling pictures of the structures of water down to crystalline formations in the molecules when water was spoken to or given the energies of states of consciousness like...



























I added some words...

You know how I am.

The snowflakes are huge and forming a beautiful white layer of comforting beauty tonight here in Arizona.

A few months ago, as my mentor/teacher of many years and I were discussing the clearing of distortion or shadow or low/dark frequencies from consciousness.

She was seeing the energies, frequencies or divine blueprints of people, of their vibrational signature, their consciousness that we do not see physically look like unique snowflakes.

The snowflakes are our divine plans and blueprints.

They are who we are down to tones, frequencies, rays of light.

How can we properly describe that in words?


As we keep clearing and coming Home into Sacred Union inside, otherwise known as Awakening or Ascending....

Our forms, our souls inside and out shine in unique ways that if we were looking at molecular structures and beyond...

could be stunning and intricate crystalline energetic formations of consciousness like no other person or being in the universe.

Like snowflakes.

This is also why when we recognize a person, their soul, with similar or nearly the same frequencies, we inately recognize the soul families and tribe and twin flames and can never undo or unsee what we see in another person.

We are "reading" their divine blueprints.

If you recognize someone to the depths of their souls like that, it is indeed a gift and a mirror and a huge nod from the Divine.

Here are your answered prayers, sirs and ma'ams.

If you recognize a person to the depths of their soul, for the precious divine answer and gift from God what will you do?

Will you value the child of God in front of you and choose the dignity and respect and love and honor of this gift?

Are you going to hold out your hand and celebrate them?

Its part of your awakening journeys.

We should use those moments wisely and honor each other just as we were looking into a mirror at ourselves.

As this in essence is the truth.

Perhaps choosing to treat each other like the gifts that we are and hold our connections in unity and love and highest good with and for each other.

Perhaps being conscious of how we choose to give and interact and behave toward others might be part of these changing times for each of us.

As my mentor/teacher described this, the snowflake formations in the energies of all people I thought, oh cool...


Uh huh.


And of course the enormity of seeing each others frequency signatures down to the divine blue prints and crystalline energetic structures was right up my alley.

Like music that I have been fascinated with for so many decades.

Music is always adjusting and uplifting our frequencies when it was music we liked or that resonated in our being.

Our minds.

Our hearts.

Our moods and so forth.

It shifts us.

Being an energy seer, clairvoyant more than anything the music always looks to me like colors and shapes and ribbons of light going into the atmosphere.

So does prayer or meditation or someone holding unadulterated light or pure highest divine good intention.

Or two people in love or soul mate union.

It is joyful.

If I choose to perceive it in a microscopic and even more expanded way that is.

Music is one of my passions so...

I am always drawn to that.

The structures of the more pure essential oils also brings in frequencies that can help us align and heal and stabilize in the moods and directions and minds and our circumstances as it shifts the energy vibrations in the atmosophere in the same ways.

With all of us light beings diligently working in our own unique purposes and missions in the world over all of these years, we tend to find that it all comes down to clearing and recalibrating, clearing and recalibrating.

So we can come Home into who we are.

Consciousness rising.

In a way, thats the basic 411 of this new earth energy and entrance into the Golden era and all of our awakenings over the last years.

We are holding the light, the higher consciousness, the Lemuria and Atlantis and divinity in place here and now for the return of Christ, the better world we all strive for, the ascension.

So that our Sacred Truth of who we are and our divine blueprints and plans and connections with our people can be in Union and we move past the distortion into who we came here to be, who we were born to be, in this world that was always meant to be heaven in earth.

Weve got a ways to go...

I bet we will keep walking Home together and learn to rebuild better and beyond what we can imagine right now.

Onward and boldly where no man has gone before, space the final frontier.


For the love of Spock and perfect snowflakes, where did that come from?

I always have to go all Star Trek for the brilliant starseeds.

Look, looky loos and...

We need to have some more fun in the earth realms and laugh sometimes.

Not at others or to the detriment of anyone or their lives and being.

To enjoy this place and the gift of recognizing our people and places and purposes and groovy frequencies....

Fun is on the calendar.

I have, during two different readings, in the last months seen two peoples snowflake signatures of their unique frequencies, blueprints and their codes and downloads.

And I dreamt of my own snowflake, as I was apparently doing some cosmic quantum physics in my sleep state.

Or clearing and integrating my shadow and doing some self, Sacred Union works.


Of course I have a deck of the Water Crystal Oracle Cards based on the work of Masaru Emoto and I pulled 2 for us and the Sacred Union.

Of course 6 flew out instead of 2 and so...

Ill take them.

Ramona the cat, wants no part of being exploited for photos right now but she did help me hold the intention and the frequencies to create the solid foundations for all beings on the planet at this time and all of our animal collective, soul groups, families and mates and twin flames too.

She helped me pick the cards and inspected each snowflake formation and then left to avoid the exploit, when I got all paparazzi...

She prefers personal privacy you know.

•First the molecular snowflake structure of each state or frequency, then the flip side what each snowflake is...


Affection and Gratitude


Brain Hado -Kindness



Ill be holding, praying, these frequencies in consciousness now, if you want you can try it as where there are 2 or more, its stronger and can make a difference. Co-creating.

Have a fun weekend.

Full of wisdom, affection and gratitude, kindness and clear thought, truth, respect and eternity (infinity balance of all that is).


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