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The Shamanic beginning of January Energy Update and Animal Totem


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse January 10th 2020 -

As time moves through the next days and astrological placements we can expect some fortunate balancing and advancements in our lives.

It is recommended that we use some Salamander Medicine to guide us and help us be aware and awaken to our highest good and potentials in this new year.

All of us.

That is the prayer and meditation... for all beings of this earth be embraced by the highest good and highest potentials.

Salamander totem can symbolize the water element as well as the fire element in the days upcoming in consciousness.

The salamander is a water being that flows.... motion, emotion, movement, transformation, intuition, knowing, feeling, flowing, clarity and even freedom of blockages are things the Salamander represents that we can expect to see surfacing in circumstances and ourselves around us in the next days.

We can add the fire element in our awareness in this symbol as well.

For instance the strength and resilience of the Salamander can be represented in and around us as the fire burning away the illusions and old patterning and things we havent dealt with to clear up for our new decade and stages of life. Or even protection or strength in ways we had not previously had or noticed we wanted or needed.

Let's just say the energies of the full moon eclipse and our Salamander totem can lend to weeding out the old and giving us new and stable foundations.

Possibly even restored and rebuilt foundations.

Strong integrity and truth can be seen where maybe in the past there has been distortions or manipulations or imbalances.

And I hope it can give all of us a safe and solid ground to be ourselves and be healed from some of the physical and subconscious mires we have carried or have stunted us all in the past!

On all levels and ways, timelines and connections....


As the eclipses continue we can look forward to realizations in ourselves that can show us deeply how we can balance and be who we came here to be. 2019 was coined the year of freedom and this is a great time to embrace that freedom and discover what that means in every day life.

Dream Big.

It's your time to Shine soul tribe!

We can ask the divine Salamander Totem Energies to support and smoothly guide us through this next moon phase and eclipse season.

A little Salamander Medicine might be the blessing we have been working toward to push us through and clean the slates and bring us clarity and freedom and happiness in this day and the days to come.

May January 2020 and the days to follow be filled and fulfilled with love and freedom and healing and happiness and whatever is best for every one of you.

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