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As I waited in line today, for more life things that apparently we all have to do some days... My mind was asking myself.... You are free Miss Melissa... Home.  What do you want to do? And where where you go?  Who do you want to be around?

What's your heaven on earth? Literally what kind of every day life,

every breath and experience is your choice what do you want?  You used to know pretty easily, before you came back to Okrahoma.... The time before this. 

And your dreams and health and life plan was annihilated almost.

As all of us light beings have experienced to some extent, on some levels in our lives. And that is clearing away in your realignment and studies and self shadow works.

Because it is the times we came here for. The times that we get to uplift and bring Heaven in Earth into our reality. Trumping the old darkness, the old matrix. I was in my head talking to myself.... Breathe. What do you want?  Now?  That's what we are coming into more and more im these awakening times.  How we can choose our thoughts and energy and intentions more than ever? That's a key in these times as we continue to rise up and remember fully.  I kept discussing the facts inside.

Im sure many of us are.

Pros and Cons.  If you have no responsibility anymore... Aside from cats.  Yay. I miss my dogs so much that likely will adopt another fur kid someday. 

What do you want your every day life to be like NOW? I kept thinking,  You only have that last little medical thing that was the only purpose to heal for years... And you already are starting to feel like you're 24 years old again after almost dying all by yourself with no support or help that you needed or were promised or asked for.... (That is...

Shadow recognizing how to come back into our happy, balanced true self after severe medical... Or other trials we go through. You gotta be joyous and forgive the past... Feels good.) (I would never wish that on anyone.  If one person in this world is suffering then we are all suffering, as is described in the law of One.

As my mentor friend always says.) 

I continued thinking...

And you love your life (mostly) Melissa, just not where you are in a few ways, and you get healthiness now, and you are renewed in your passions (mostly) as you're bursting with music and creativity and fun and love and laughter and connection,

recognizing beauty and light in all, like never before...

Home. The people that do not serve the highest good and definitely had no good intentions for you, just distortion are gone and falling away...  Even the old trauma energies in places and circumstances of old are clearing away...

For all of us and in world stage ways. The people you loved and encouraged and believed in even when they could not, and endlessly hoped could find in themselves the love and whatever was best and happiest for them....

That never stopped squealing death wishes and threats and some of the worst abuses, blames, degradation and excuses you ever heard of on the nicest best days, right after asking you to marry them for the 100th time is anywhere near you...

Or tried to suck the life out of you or con you out of $ and your good.

(My opposite mirror of course. That karmic horrible part is over, hopefully completely, so we all get freedom from the past decades and lifetimes eventually.

As well as such beautiful restoration and connection and equal relationships, fun, harmony mirrors now and upcoming.

That can be for any relationships, all of them.)

💚 No Broken Arrows trying to make you feel small, control you and grope you with only self serving intentions none of which had anything to do with you either...

(We all have had some shadow works in all of our depths of being huh?) And you are getting to bring yourself into Home and wholeness. 

All of us. Step by step.

Your shadow work and purposes and balance after a grazillion years of this stupid lower matrix schnizz... Good job Melissa!

And all of us Love Beings everywhere.  (The distortions are clearing so only love remains.

Between people and circumstances and world stages.

Old and newer experiences alike.  💜  As it was always meant to be.) And you can have a divinely directed love life again now Melissa. You were always safe and right on track, well, everything was right on track. And as we spiritual folk sometimes might say or think...  Your true person, the ONE or divine counterparts.... They know you and think about you all of the time.

To all of us.

Whether we know them or not, whether they've passed or are our children that are busy...

In heaven or in earth.  Family or friends that you are meant to be with in this part of yours and their journeys can feel you.  And you them. That's real. 

They hear you inside and love you truly and will only choose you, are here for you.  Always.  And you them.

Soul family.

Soul tribes. This next part of life and journey you get to connect and be with these soul tribes, soul mates, soul family and more.

All of us.

Doing this together. (Not just me but enormous shifting for many have occurred in this arena after a hard cycle.) I kept thinking.... Melissa, you have slightly figured out how to balance your business and not over work!  Celebrate that!  Yes!  Plus your lifetime study now can be implemented more into your life career.

In cool ways that are so exciting as you carry on... We know you really hate to wait and you know inside that will keep unfolding with the right soul people that enhance your life and some have purposes and missions with you. You were supposed to get to incorporate the other passions into your life work yes. And you are back in yourself, in every day spiritual groove and happiness and balance like you like to be.  (mostly, Im giving 100%. Not that I didn't cry a few days ago pretty heavily (I am sure it want just me, or throw a fit inside here and there in the last years. And the deaths and losses do not affect me. ALL of this has been my shadow awakening work over the years.

The reason over the decades that I mention these things and yet not much detail is so we can ALL remember that you and me, are all in this together.

This journey Home and this awakening ascending time.  All of us.  Together.  So you gotta hug yourself and remember how you love yourself again, right?  And that Wont stop ever, the growth and learning)... So you're back to being you, in alignment with you.  You know who you love in this world. You FIRST Melissa.

And love beings. In love with you.  (Mostly.) (And as state of being)  Back to the original question... What do you want? 

God is listening.

Are you? What do you want your life to be like every day?  You have wanted a home in the past and to be your gypsy self... What do you want?  How can you do that now but better? Of course I have a lot of clarity in my heart and have known for years what I want, who I want in my life too,

but now its shifted so much Im at a point where I've got to restart or rebuild the puzzle pieces.  In the words of: Song Sschizm- by Tool. "I know the pieces fit. Because I watched them fall away."

Indeed.... I know the pieces fit.  How do I want to rebuild this?  All I wanted was Home.  And though its always been with me and I thought I had built the expanded version of Home previously, it wasn't on a solid foundations yet plus my vision has expanded as it was meant to... Now. Now is a good time to build on solid foundations and... Of course energetically because nothing to me is not energetic.  That's my perspective.  Remembering to breathe and consciously create and consciously be in every day life again. Its key.  So,  I know some places that I'd like to have a house and be able to spend a lot of time in.  My list has.... 5 places on it. This will make everyone giggle.  There is a house in TONKAWA I want for like a decade.  I wanted that specific house.  A lot.  I really did.  I do.  Heheeeeeee

And another in ×#/,*_. And another in *&#!$. So, I could be in my places when I wanted as long as I wanted.  Home.  And a few other home places ideas and many other choices about life ways but I am going over these things inside.  If you could be safe and everything in order, with everyone ok around you, kids, family, friends, careers and life things ok that leaves you free to choose ANYTHING you want.... What choices would you make?  Dreams inside finally able to come true?  Recognition of what you really want?  What do you really, truly want? 

What's Home to you? I hope its a beautiful week for everyone and healing, loving, extraordinary, magical, divine good things are happening for us all. You are You are never alone.

You are LOVED.


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