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Worm Full Moon in Libra, in Aries Season and Beyond

The Full Moon in Libra Energies this week, Mirror the secrets and things we hide from ourselves and each other.

This energy will subtly be amplified for a long time. 

The distortion will be illuminated. 

Giving us the chance to apologize, forgive and rectify things in ourselves and with each other. 

Really see the state of things. 

In ourselves and in each other.

In the worlds layers as well. 

Libra energy is always a balancing energy. Air. 


We are in Aries season, Fire. Action. Strength. Movement. 

Although in when balance, this energy is the best team of opposite and yin yang qualities.

It can be an uncomfortable, edgy mix when the scales are not in order and this is just a clear time to see what needs clearing so we can blossom and come into our new, refreshed, creative springtime and time in our lives. 

Well, some of us are more in order than others but the energies of the world are still showing the distorted stuff, as everything is coming into balance, christed divines masculine and feminine balance,

the holy trinity balance....

Whether we like it or not or understand anything, its a time to choose and secure our footing in our lives as we elevate and our perspectives expand. 

This is good.

Everything is being illuminated more and more, so especially the empaths and starseeds who have been drastically more awakened or had some heavy than the collective, can be feeling it or experiencing it in ways that are uncomfortable or overwhelming. 

Please for the love of toaster strudel and disco balls...

try not to push your ideas or definitions  upon anyone and force what you think another person should be, think or how you think its easy it is to let go or be like you right now. Silencing and blocking others days are over, and will blow up and we get new directions and newness in our springtime awakening days.

If you think you are healing or teaching someone their lessons, you are likely in distortion and causing unessicary harm or more distortion to others. 

If you think you are doing someone a favor by trying to define, control, manifest, manipulate and violating their energies with yours can cause severe damage to systems right now. 

Thats distortion. 

For what 3 decades I have said this.

That too is known and seen by the light of the universe and I am telling you, for decades running, especially in 2021, this is a time of balancing and levelling up.

The distortion will run everything until its cleared. 

So we can make everything in our world and lives better for all.

I saw a church banner up today for Easter, as I was on an adventure to a Vortex. 

It said Christ has Risen.

Well, I agree. It touched my awareness extra. 

The divine has stepped in and we can start breathing again. 

We can receive. 

In this phenomenal new era and Golden Energy Age...

This is awesome. 

You are protected and loved. 

The 2021 towers and surprises will be continuing. 

For all. 

Lets make it beautiful. 

The wave of awakening will be and is beautiful so to clear and heal the world together is the main objective. 

Thats ascension. 

I sense destiny...

Awakening and love. 

Oh those twin flame, soul mates, soul family, mirrored souls, soul tribe, starseed divine connections downloads are coming in...

Destiny and romance and higher love energies are also levelling up and healing and it is a springtime time to choose, rechoose and receive love and connect in these love and most precious relationships.


Its time. 

There may be new counterparts and soul contracts for some of us and reconciliation and resurrection in divine order, reciprocated love for some and of course long term marriages might be re-ignited and enhanced. 

The light won.

This is where the meek are inheriting the earth. 

That is what is being illuminated and unfolding in us and in the world now. 

It would be my advisement to have compassion and love and hold the highest good for your intentions as well as look at yourself. 

Loving and be present in ourselves now to the best of our abilities gives us the frequency 

It is perfect time to feel and process and see truth. 

What are you hiding from in yourself that you feel the need to push and point at another? 

What can be seen in you today? 

What can you do to help this world rise up into freedom and safety and comfort? 

We start to recognize Home inside, our Sacred Union and Holy Trinity inside. 

More and more.

We all know inside who our divine person is and who chooses us, at least in the 5D, mpst of us know and who is Home inside to us.

It is time to let them in, to walk Home together. 

Because good work, your walking Home in your own personal awakening ascension journey...


Doing well my friends. 

This activared full moon frequency and the energies in Aries... April... 

And onward, will assist us in healing forever from the dark ages cycles and lower inverted matrix darkness that went ballistic on us all and squished our light.

We will be celebrating the return of Christ in our world in our hearts and in the recognition of Christed paths and in each others eyes now. 

If you might hate me, I roll my eyes at you, I clear you, I doubt you should be reading this... 

Or you despise religious terms, are scientifically minded or are scared of stuff like that we can say...

The light or Universe has brought higher love, peace, freedom, BALANCE, and whatever you deem as paradise highest good to us, all of us, our doorsteps.

That is christed and new earth and Golden Age higher consciousness is now. 

So lets breathe it in and expect more. 

Its springtime. 

I see justice, balance, healing, freedom and higher love coming from this energy frequency.

One more time...

As we clear our deepest sufferings, fears and regrets, hurt and the lower, dense programs and frequencies in consciousness we can participate in the creation and flourishing of our souls callings, desires, purposes, connections. 

In this new cycle, throughout the year, we might be like toddlers not sure how to walk or talk with each other yet but we know now and it will keep expanding and balancing, for us in ways that are perfect for each of us. 

May your divine and sacred destinies and paths unfold now in divinely orchestrated, appointed and graceful ways.

May we become free and clear, together, to see and perceive in expanded ways for the highest good for all. 


It is called the Worm Full Moon, perhaps because as we step into spring, into the warmth, the days filled with sunshine longer and longer...

The worms come more to the earths surface, tilling the earths surfaces...

Just like we are in ourselves, our awakenings and ascension 

A sort of liberation wave after the cold hard winter. 


Go figure. 

Welcome Home Sacred Union within and out. Welcome to the next step in our Awakening Journeys....

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